Today, I am grateful for unconditional support.

Hello, I am Scott Hildreth, the Author of Broken People. At the age of thirteen, my uncle committed suicide. I hated him for it. At the age of twenty one, my girlfriend committed suicide. I spent a lifetime carrying a poem that she left me in my wallet. Additionally, I carried guilt. Crushing guilt. I felt awful, guilty, and no longer trusted people.

A few years ago, a close friend committed suicide. Then, I decided it was my turn.

I didn’t succeed.

Last year, I met a girl who needed help. A suicidal bulimic teen.

I wrote a very uplifting and deep book that has touched the hearts of those who have read it. The above review is typical of all of the reviews that it has received.

It focuses on a character that attempts to help other people through a blog, and in doing so, encounters a suicidal bulimic girl. His quest to find her cause him to deal with his own repressed memories, and have him to considering things he hasn’t in the past.

It’s an uplifting story, and as been described as a must read for the suffering. Parents and teens alike have praised it.

It is currently priced at $3.99

Thank you,

Scott Hildreth

Author, Broken People

Dear Bee

Dear Bee,

I’m so head over heels with this guy…it’s almost disgusting. Almost. Society would tell me this is wrong, that I’m going to get hurt, that we need to take this much slower, blah, blah. I’m so tired of playing by the bullshit rules. But it’s so much fun and exciting at the same time. We simply have the most amazing time together. We stayed up talking and laughing and cuddling until sunrise. We both only envision this getting better and better…and I’ve never felt so safe and happy with someone. Not like this. 

While communicating, the two of us practice radical honesty. Having both studied couples counseling (and he actually wants to work with couples!), that’s something we decided from the start. Whatever is on our mind, we say. No walls. No reservations. No mind games. No bad faith. Raw and genuine honesty. 

This is so liberating. To…

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