Broken People, by Scot Hildreth; a book that makes you value life, living, and being loved.

You owe it to yourself to read this book. You do. Everyone that reads this book agrees, it is one of the best books that they have ever read. Now that is a bold statement. Last nght, three people emailed me regarding the book. All three said it was the best book they had ever read. Ever.

None were suicidal. None had suicidal thoughts. None were necessarily “Broken”. They just picked it up over the weekend because it was a promo weekend, and it was free.

This book is deep. It has moments of hilarity. Moments of seriousness. Moments of ‘holy shit, what just happened?”. Moments that will make you reflect on childhood, and moments that will have you questioning just what type of parent you are.

If you’re between the ages of 15-75, read this book. It’s $3.99. The cost of a cup of Starbuck’s coffee.

And you’ll never be the same.


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