Broken People, by Scott Hildreth a coming of age/suicide novel

This book isn’t merely a suicide book. It is actually, when the book is finished, a book that will make you feel good.

Really good.

The main protagonist, Fat Kid, is a very intriguing self-proclaimed therapist who devotes his life to help people that have difficulties helping themselves, people he considers to be ‘broken’. Intentionally becoming obese in an effort to shield himself from the approach of outsiders wanting to better understand him, The Fat Kid hides behind his thick outer self. With an overbearing obnoxious attitude, he allows few people to enter his otherwise private life (he won’t even reveal his name). Most of the people that he encounters come from his internet blog, and pose no real threat to him or to his odd lifestyle.

When he encounters a bulimic teenage girl through his internet blog who threatens to commit suicide, he begins to reflect on parts of his life that he has spent years repressing. He continues to assist her, and many other ‘Broken People’ through his blog. When he meets an extremely independent girl who challenges him, his way of living, and his way of viewing life, he reluctantly listens. In doing so, he ponders his past mistakes, his future, and ultimately he finds his true self.


The Fat Kid travels from person to person through his blog, and as he does, he reflects on his childhood, being an adult, suicide, depression, parenting, family, being irresponsible, and being responsible.

I know this novel is remarkable. It is a powerful read. There are moments of hilarity, and a few scenes that will make even the toughest readers cry. Again, I truly believe the first person to merely review this work will commit to it. The market for this particular novel is vast. I have provided one hundred printed manuscripts to persons varying in age from 17-74, and the responses were almost all the same, “I laughed, I cried, and I am now questioning my life…wow, that was amazing, can I keep the manuscript ?” In fact, I placed my email address in the front of the ebook (posted on Amazon’s site last week), and more than one Amazon reader has emailed me in the week that it has been released, and said they felt the book was a “masterpiece”.


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