Review : Broken People, by Scott Hildreth receives highest praise from famous author

Broken People, by Scott Hildreth received Bhavya Kaushik’s highest review, 5 stars. To date, he has placed this high of a review on one book. Only one, until today. Broken People brought him to his knees. and at his own admittance, made him cry several times, and then built him back up.

A quote from his review:

The author is a brilliant storyteller, a wordsmith, and the way with which he has interwoven these people together is absolutely above my comprehension. I was able to relate with almost each and every character, but it was one specific character which reflected me entirely and I cried while reading all of its narration.

It is written with utmost thoughtfulness and will leave a deep impression on your mind after a read, because of its depth. It has some hauntingly beautiful descriptions and metaphors, and is filled with breathtaking quotes. There are numerous quotes in this book which broke my heart and created a space for them inside of my soul, but this one quote stood out for me from the entire text –

“I wondered what was behind the suicide. There is always a reason, something, an event that takes them over the edge, making the pain unbearable. Sometimes it may be a combination of items that the person just can’t comprehend living with, but it’s always one thing that takes them over the edge. It’s not that they actually want to die. Generally, they just want the pain to stop.”

Get your copy today, at amazon for $3.99. As Bhavya states, this book will change your life.

Bhavya’s review:


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