Broken People, by Scott Hildreth – Novel with (29) 5 Star reviews

The reviews continue to pour in, 5 star reviews. Yesterday, and award winning author added to the list. His review? One of only two in his career that he awarded the highest review to, Broken People, by Scott Hildreth.

Read the newest reviews on Amazon, and then ask yourself, if this book truly has the capacity to open your mind, and change the way you view life, why aren’t you making it your next read???

Broken People received three more 5 star reviews on Amazon today. The people reviewing this book continue to repeat the same type(s) of things….”this book changed my life….changes my viewpoints..”

  • I will have to say, it has been too long since I have read something and it had enough substance to keep me coming back to read more. It not only made me re-evaluate my life but it made me look at people in a whole new perspective. In addition I look at where my life is now in a whole new perspective. It seemed daunting, but now, it doesn’t seem really that bad. But this is probably my kick-start on my life. I just cannot express how moved I am. I have so many spoilers to speak of it is unbearable. This book was uplifting, encouraging and helped me have a better understanding of who I am and what I really can do with my life and for my daughter. I could already feel myself appreciating who I have in my life as I was reading this book.
    I would love to say more but if I do I may ruin it for you. Now go give your life a kick-start and read this.

    Thank you Scott for the most eye opening read I have yet to come across. (Thetasteofink260, on Amazon)
  • This book is a must read! Broken People is the most thought provoking book I have ever read. It has opened my eyes to a new perspective on life. It covers many important subjects that everyone faces in their lives. I will be passing this book on to many of my friends and family! Thank you Scott!!!  (Andrea on Amazon)
  • You ever read something that really…REALLY makes you think about life, your actions, your reactions, your personal feelings, your view of others??  Oh? No? There have been a few for me….and this is one of them. This story blew me away. I mean….really toyed with my emotions, my thinking, and honestly made my heart hurt a bit.
    5 people….5 broken people…..5 beautifully broken stories…Infinite messages….Many many emotions.  A heart wrenching story of broken souls finding broken souls. Broken souls mending broken souls.  Broken souls saving broken souls.
    Life ain’t always beautiful…..Scott Hildreth’s debut definitely forces us as readers to face that fact and see the ugliness, the darker side of life’s dirty little secrets. He shows us that we are not alone in our fears, our insecurities…in a very raw and real way. You might not think of yourself broken, but everyone…in their own way…is somehow broken….if only a little bit.
    I found myself relating to parts of this story’s messages. This book forced me to take a look at my scars and my fears. Forced me to consider others….and their scars. I am broken in my own ways….
    Hildreth introduces us to “The Fat Kid”……He pads himself, uses vulgar language, acts like a snarky jerk at times….. all to shut people out. Why would someone want to get to know an obese, vulgar, insensitive human being? It’s his defense against life….against failure….against getting close….against hurt.
    He takes us on his journey….and gives us his broken and scattered puzzle pieces. Although there are multiple points of view, for me the “Fat Kid” is the focal point of the story.  This is his life. This is his brilliant story of his road to redemption and forgiveness. This is him overcoming his incident.
    My heart bled a little for each character. My compassion for their situation and their heart ache grew with each page I turned. Hildreth most definitely has an amazing sense of verbal prowess and an uncanny ability to tell each character’s heart breaking story in a brilliant light.
    As a parent, this book was some what of a self-help inspirational piece of art. Although I am not a parent to teen….yet…God forbid my child have to go thru any of the pain depicted or face any of the same issues. I can’t 100% safe guard my child from all the pain or troubles in life, but I can damn well make sure that I am there every step of the way, helping walk them thru it when I can and holding their hand…..regardless is the situation. Full fledged support and  understanding.
    I would without any reservations recommend everyone to read this amazing story. Without a doubt….this will be a life changing book for many.
    Additional review can be found on Goodreads:
      (HeatherS on Amazon)

Broken People is, simply stated, that ONE book that has the capacity to change the way you view life. If you are going to read a book, make the next one you read Broken People, by Scott Hildreth. It delivers.




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