20 Year EMS Medic praises Broken People in book review on Amazon

As a person who lost my 16 year old daughter, an EMS medic for over 20 years and have seen the tragedies that happen to children (including suicide even ran calls on 5 friends who decided to cash in their chips), taught K-12 and actually took the time to listen to the kids and now teach at a college level.

  I think this book should be a must read for parents of kids 12 and older who are truly blind or indifferent in today’s society to what is going on with their kids.  It would also benefit the teens out there who also think everything is OK…  The key is communication and not through email, txt messaging and fancy gadgets, I’m talking face to face!!!
We are all broken people in some way or another, some worse than others and they all have a story.  If people would just take time to really listen, even if it is just finding that one person like FAT KID, but someone to listen!!!!!
Read the Book & Open Your Eyes (Ears) 🙂
(Review by HUGZ on Amazon.com)


First, and foremost, HUGZ, I am sorry for your pain, your losses, and the loss of your daughter. I am proud and grateful that this book, if even for a few hours, was able to provide you with some comfort. Possibly this book will prevent others from feeling the pain that you have felt.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why I wrote this book. I wanted to write something carefully, thoughtfully, and real. Something that all could relate to that was raw…Something that made teens, young adults, new adults, and parents just stop. Stop and actually feel, feel what was going on in the book. Feel through the colorfully depicted characters what was going on as if it were going on in their living room, in their school, in their frozen yogurt shop. I wanted them to stop half-way through the book, and look around the room, wondering where the kids were. Wondering what they were doing. What they have been doing. To rekindle the love that has been lost over the years between children and their parents.

The reviews for this book, to date, speak volumes about what the combined pages offer. What this book offers is real, it’s in your face, and it’s a slap of the hand that has raised a generation of children that just don’t quite get the attention and love that they oh-so-deserve.

This book provides the emotional rush of witnessing a bank robbery, watching someone give birth, seeing a fatal car crash, and having an out of body spiritual experience…all rolled into one book.

It’s truly something you must experience. The reviews are accurate. The reviews are real. Try it for yourself. If it can provide you with what it has provided others, you’re reading the wrong book…if it isn’t Broken People.


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