Broken People, by Scott Hildreth – NA Fiction Novel (29) 5 Star reviews

Broken People, by Scott Hildreth has (29) five star reviews. (5) on Goodreads, and (24) on Amazon. The book, through colorfully painted characters, tells a story of growing up, growing old, having children, being a parent, being a high school kid, being in college, being codependent, being in an abusive relationship, being in a healthy relationship, being in an interracial relationship, loving parents, and parents that don’t even know that their kids exist. The characters range from a homosexual son of a former Marine, to a suicidal bulimic girl.

The book will have you laugh out-loud, cry so hard that you let out years of emotion, and stand cheering for the female heroine in the book.

The reason that, in three weeks, this book has created the stir that it has is simple, there has never been a book so real, so raw, and so in your face as this one. It is the 50 Shades of Grey of NA Fiction.

Get this book today. Read it. And live a life after doing so that will be far more rewarding. If you’re reading another book, you’re simply wasting time living.

Scott Hildreth, author Broken People


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