Broken People, by Scott Hildreth – “This book healed my soul” – Reviews of Broken People

Broken People, by Scott Hildreth continues to receive praise from those that read it.

This book was written with the intent of not merely being a story. It was written with the hope that when people read it, they would see a little bit of themselves in the characters. It was carefully crafted to include almost all concerns that teens are currently concerned with in growing up. In school, in life, with parents, with boy freinds, college, therapy, drug use, military, money, shopping, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, bulimia, interracial relationships, being grounded….just about everything that happens and becomes an issue is covered in this piece of fiction.
Additionally, the concerns that the parents have regarding raising children are covered. Kids being with significant others that parents prohibit, acting in a manner that is prohibited, drinking, lying, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, therapy, codependency, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, photo sharing, skipping school, grades, college…all covered.
The story comes together with five colorful characters that are real, raw, and true to life. The story has no sugar coating. They cuss, they drink, they get tattoo’s, they wreck cars, they fight, they get pregnant, they purge, they lie to their parents, they text naked selfies, they skip school, and they die.
The story is told in manner that we can all relate to. It is told in a manner that opens eyes, changes minds, and leaves you, at the end, wanting to live life. If there was or is a book in recent years that may make a huge impact on you, your kids, and your way of thinking, this is that book. Simply stated, if you’re reading anything but Broken People, you’re just not reading the right book. Read something that gives you the motivation to live life as it is intended to be lived.
Here are the reviews from Goodreads. Go to Amazon and see 26 more just like these. This book is remarkable.
My review may contain remarks/comments/quotes someone may find offensive, but they in no way reflect my view on the situation or person depicted. This is a review and therefore is only a reflection of my own personal feelings and emotions for the book and nothing more…
You ever read something that really…REALLY makes you think about life, your actions, your reactions, your personal feelings, your view of others?? Oh? No? There have been a few for me….and this is one of them. This story blew me away. I mean….really fucked with my emotions, my thinking, and honestly made my heart hurt a bit.
How does one begin to put their thoughts and emotions into words……let me attempt to….
“Broken people attract broken people” The Fat Kid…“”Chocolate. I need fucking chocolate.” David…. “God hates fags” Marc….“Love that just is.” Britney…“Help. This. Girl.” Michelle“Stay human” 5 people….5 broken people…..5 beautifully broken stories…5 beatifully amazingly broken stars….Infinite messages….Many many emotions.
“Time passes, and things change. “ A heart wrenching story of broken souls finding broken souls. Broken souls mending broken souls. Broken souls saving broken souls.
Life ain’t always beautiful…..Scott Hildreth’s debut definitely forces us as readers to face that fact and see the ugliness, the darker side of life’s dirty little secrets. He shows us that we are not alone in our fears, our insecurities…in a very raw and real way. You might not think of yourself broken, but everyone…in their own way…is somehow broken….if only a little bit.
“Knowing or admitting being broken doesn’t help if we aren’t conscious of just what the underlying problem is. I am conscious of my faults, my character defects, and my short comings. I do what I do, not to mask it or separate myself from the realization, but to make my life less painless. I found myself relating to parts of this story’s messages. This book forced me to take a look at my scars and my fears. Forced me to consider others….and their scars. I am broken in my own ways…. “Letting down others hurts me far more than letting myself down. It disappoints me greatly to disappoint others.” I have my demons…but….. “From destruction comes creation. Beauty will rise from the ashes.” Hildreth introduces us to “The Fat Kid”…… “I ate donuts the way a 110 pound Asian eats hot dogs at the Nathan’s Hot Dog National Eating Championship. Bite. Drink. Swallow. Bite. Drink. Swallow.” He pads himself, uses vulgar language, acts like a snarky asshole at times….. all to shut people out. Why would someone want to get to know an obese, vulgar, insensitive human being? It’s his defense against life….against failure….against getting close….against hurt.
He takes us on his journey….and gives us his broken and scattered puzzle pieces. Although there are multiple points of view, for me the “Fat Kid” is the focal point of the story. This is his life. This is his brilliant story of his road to redemption and forgiveness. This is him overcoming his incident “Good friends, friends that really care, are a once in a life time thing.” My heart bled a little for each character. My compassion for their situation and their heart ache grew with each page I turned. Hildreth most definitely has an amazing sense of verbal prowess and an uncanny ability to tell each character’s heart breaking story in a brilliant light.
As a parent, this book was some what of a self-help inspirational piece of art. Although I am not a parent to teen….yet…God forbid my child have to go thru any of the pain depicted or face any of the same issues. I can’t 100% safe guard my child from all the pain or troubles in life, but I can damn well make sure that I am there every step of the way, helping walk them thru it when I can and holding their hand…..regardless is the situation. Full fledged support and understanding.
I would without any reservations recommend everyone to read this amazing story.
“If someone makes you think, keep them. If someone makes you feel, keep them.” This one is a keeper……… (Heather S, Goodreads)
Broken People embark the debut of Scott Hildreth, but while reading the book I could not make out that it was his maiden attempt. The narration was very mature and almost flawless. I was going through from one chapter to another without realizing the passage of time. This is not a book about just one character; instead the narration has been shifted from one chapter to another. Usually, it is very hard to justify with the flow of any novel while changing the narration between chapters, but the Author has done a remarkable job in narrating the storyline from different perceptions in a single book. The storyline revolves around a “Fat-Kid”, who runs an internet blog, helping troubled people (read Broken People), suffering from depression, peer pressure, parental problems, sexuality, eating disorders and suicidal tendencies. He started the blog after losing his girlfriend and another “incident” which happened in his life. His girlfriend committed suicide and left a letter for him, which he carried throughout his life, and with that letter he carried guilt, resentment, and the weight of this entire world. If you want to know about the other “incident”, then you have to read the book! But his life was changed when he met another broken soul like him, who changed his life entirely. The book does not entirely revolve around just these two people; it elucidates struggles, failures, and hardships that are faced by people like us every day. It is an amalgamation of stories of broken people, not one or two, but a lot – which I believe is the best part about this book. The author is a brilliant storyteller, a wordsmith, and the way with which he has interwoven these people together is absolutely above my comprehension. I was able to relate with almost each and every character, but it was one specific character which reflected me entirely and I cried while reading all of its narration. It is written with utmost thoughtfulness and will leave a deep impression on your mind after a read, because of its depth. It has some hauntingly beautiful descriptions and metaphors, and is filled with breathtaking quotes. There are numerous quotes in this book which broke my heart and created a space for them inside of my soul, but this one quote stood out for me from the entire text – “I wondered what was behind the suicide. There is always a reason, something, an event that takes them over the edge, making the pain unbearable. Sometimes it may be a combination of items that the person just can’t comprehend living with, but it’s always one thing that takes them over the edge. It’s not that they actually want to die. Generally, they just want the pain to stop.”
I admit in this review that all my life I have felt broken. Well, not entirely, but a part of me was always broken. And after reading this book I realized that I was not alone. There are people like me – damaged, broken, shattered, who are waiting for someone to heal them, for someone to put them back at their place. I have to admit that this book broke my heart while reading. I cried so many times while reading it, that I lost the count. But it also inspired me to wipe my tears away, and to put a smile on my face. This book inspired me to look at my scars – my battle wounds, and the broken piece of my soul with my eyes full of empathy and heal them. It is one of the first times in my life when I found solace in words that are written by someone else. It was like, as if his words were healing my soul. I never felt that way before. I can clearly admit that this is a life changing book. You may ask me now, how am I so certain about it? The reason is pretty simple. It changed my life, and that is more than enough to prove my beliefs right. This is not just a piece of fiction, this is more than that. These are stories which will tear you apart, and heal your heart – surprisingly both at the same time. It is a kind of those “self-help” books that makes you a better person after a read. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager, or a single parent, an Egyptian or an Indian (like me), a research scholar or a teacher – but this is a book which everyone should read, regardless of their age and the genres which they prefer to read. I will cherish this book for the rest of my life, and I express my gratitude to the Author for writing such an honest and heart-wrenching tale. You certainly changed my life. I might be broken, but I think, I will find peace with that. And someday, one day, I won’t be this broken. No more. (Bhavya Kaushik, Goodreads)
An amazing book, the story was gripping and I believe all parents should read it as well as any teenagers that are struggling with modern day life. I know of a few that this book would help and will be recommending it to them. Brill, thanks to a recommendation I was lucky to get to read this amazing book. (Kathryn Parry, Goodreads)
This book without a doubt could change someones life. However it changed my view on life. Besides that it was very well written with numerous hints and hidden messages in the writing. By far one of my favorites I have ever read. (Kelli Hardyman, Goodreads)

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