22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Broken People, by Scott Hildreth is the #1 Amazon book in Psychology of Suicide

22 veterans a day commit suicide. TWENTY TWO A DAY!!!!!!

Hello. I am Scott Hildreth, author of Broken People. It is a book written by a suicide survivor, intended to thwart the thoughts of suicide. One of the main characters is also a bulimic teen, which is a huge issue in the USA today. It is an easy book to read, and an impossible book to forget. It takes 5-6 hours to read, and when finished, without a doubt, will make more difference in your life than any other book you’ve read…without a doubt. Reviews are unanimous, and it is a 5 star MUST READ. Several readers are claiming (in their review) it saved their life.

I respectfully request that you read this book,  it isn’t just a book about suicide or suicidal thoughts. It has received praise for that, because that is one of the elements in the book.  There are many other elements in the book. It is, when complete, a feel good self-help type of book. It is a book that has a little of all of us in it, because in some respect, we are all broken. It can be read on Kindle, and ipod, ipad, iphone, droid, tablet, or PC. This allows immediate reading, regardless of whether or not you have a Kindle platform. Kindle viewers are free on Amazon.com

This book is quickly becoming critically acclaimed in the three weeks it has been available. It is now being adopted by the Institute of Suicidology as a required read. Everyone that has read it and reviewed it says the same thing, they are changed. It hits hard, it hits deep, and it forces the reader to understand there is a means of recovery, and it is within. I, personally, have received therapy for my PTSD, and I can say this without hesitation, this book can do, in 6 hours, what ten years of therapy cannot.

An Indian author, Bhavya Kaushik, wrote a critically acclaimed novel that received praise a year ago: The Other Side of The Bed. He read the book a week ago, and claimed that it changed his mind, and saved his life. It’s that powerful. (link below)


Imagine this: what if this book is all that I say. What if that one veteran, reading this, changes his/her mind and DOESN’T pull the trigger…

Please, take time to read the reviews. Take time to read the book. And please, spread the word. Because this book was written for one reason. To change lies.

 Scott Hildreth, author Broken People


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