An ebook that forces the reader to evaluate life…..$3.99




“I will have to say, it has been too long since I have read something and it had enough substance to keep me coming back to read more. It not only made me re-evaluate my life but it made me look at people in a whole new perspective. In addition I look at where my life is now in a whole new perspective. It seemed daunting, but now, it doesn’t seem really that bad. But this is probably my kick-start on my life. I just cannot express how moved I am. I have so many spoilers to speak of it is unbearable. This book was uplifting, encouraging and helped me have a better understanding of who I am and what I really can do with my life and for my daughter. I could already feel myself appreciating who I have in my life as I was reading this book.

I would love to say more but if I do I may ruin it for you. Now go give your life a kick-start and read this.

Thank you Scott for the most eye opening read I have yet to come across.”


Between Goodreads and Amazon, there are almost 40 reviews like this…

Broken People, by Scott Hildreth. If you’re not reading it, you probably should be……..


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