If someone makes you think, keep them. If someone makes you feel, keep them..

There are so many quotes form the book Broken People, by Scott Hildreth. There is a reason the reviews are stating that it is a true “Must Read”.

It is something, as the readers state, when finished, that you continue to experience long after the book is done, It’s a book you come back to. You high light it. You re-read it. You cherish it.

“True love is not something found, rather [sic] something encountered. You can’t go out and look for it. The person you marry and the person you love could easily be two different people. So have a beautiful life while waiting for God to bring along your once-in-a-lifetime love. Don’t allow yourself to settle for anything less than them. Stop worrying about who you’re going to marry because God’s already on the front porch watching your grandchildren play.” Broken People, by Scot Hildreth

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