Book Review: Broken People, by Scott Hildreth is reviewed by author Jay Squires- “Simply the best mainstream fiction novel I’ve read this year..”

Jay Squires reviewed Broken People on Amazon last night. His review was outstanding…and a testament to the level of novel that this book is. Again, simply stated, if you’re reading a book, and it isn’t Broken People, you’re making a mistake.


“Broken People” is simply the best mainstream novel I’ve read this year.  It is mainstream fiction at its finest.  The story-lines unfold from the viewpoints of multiple characters, each one being explored to the full extent of his or her depth of emotion, intelligence and brokenness while weaving the unique thread of that character into the warp and woof of the finished fabric.

Don’t expect the fabric to be beautiful, or even pleasing.

It is neither.

These are broken people.  And the threads of their lives are split and frayed, one moment dazzlingly brilliant, the next moment faded; threads combine: the weakest point of one with the borrowed strength of the other then wound together and pulled through.

FAT KID’s brokenness may repulse you.  Good!  That’s what he wants … while he exercises his own peculiar brand of genius.

MICHELLE, of Egyptian heritage, is broken by the collision of her independence against the crush of her family’s cultural inflexibility.

DAVID is broken by the conflict between his sexual identity problems and his retired marine father’s homophobia.

MARC & BRITNEY are two broken people made whole by their love–yet torn apart again by family and society.

Broken people, all, each touching the other. The threads of their lives are delicately and lovingly pulled through the loom by Scott Hildreth’s creative genius to produce the fabric of this marvelous novel.

A spot at the top of Amazon’s Bestseller list is reserved for “Broken People”!


Jay, thank you again. It pleases me to have someone of your level of experience pleased in my writing…


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