Erotica Review: BABY GIRL, by Scott Hildreth Real ….world Dominance and Submission

Simply stated, if you’re not reading Baby Girl, by Scott Hildreth – You’re not reading erotica.

Heather from Goodreads reviewed the book on Amazon and Goodreads.


This is not your run of the mill book full of steamy sex, spankings, and dominance. This is not Christian Grey. There is no red room of pain, there is no laters baby, no private jets.. This is Erik Ead. This is real life.

In the follow up novel to his debut Broken People, Scott Hildreth takes us down an entirely different path and gives a vivid and truthful telling of a genuine, raw story of a BDSM relationship, sexual self-discovery, surviving, and finding love. Baby Girl is the first book in the series that introduces us to Erik and Kelli.

Erik is not a billionaire CEO harboring dark secrets. He is REAL and RELATABLE. Strong, demanding, compassionate. He is surviving. He knows who he is and what he wants….he wants submission. He will own you.  Erik owns who he is and everything he does. He is a dominant.

Kelli is not some virginal, naive little girl needing to be saved. Confident, educated, eager to please. She is surviving. She knows what she wants. She wants to submit.  She wants nothing more than to please Erik, earn his praise and make him happy.

Two paths, intertwining at a crossroads of sex and self-discovery …..two lost souls convinced that love isn’t real and they are not wholly capable of giving themselves or any love to another.
“There is no such thing as love. There is sex, affection, and satisfaction. With those things comes pleasure.”

We as readers get to witness a true to life telling of a D/s relationship, how it works, how is flourishes, and what it takes for all parties involved. Kelli is in a place in her life where she wants someone to take care of her…. of everything. Someone to see her for who and what she truly is. Someone who understands her….understands her wants and her needs. Erik and Kelli’s relationship is blossoming into something more, something both are frightened of. Erik is coming to terms with the fact that he thinks he might want to be that person for Kelli who rips open her soul, makes her shine. She pleases him, constantly makes him happy. He could mold her, make her what he wants and needs. Kelli would be his willing victim.

The sex in this book is not vanilla sex. It’s not love making…’s scream inducing. It’s on your knees until they bleed pleasure….quite literally.

For me, this story is relatable. It had significant impact on my personal feelings and admissions. This whole book…their thoughts and feelings….their emotional and sexual evolution. All of it has been packaged together in an influential story.

Mr. Hildreth, you have done it again. Just as with Broken People, you made me question and think and wonder…what if.

Additional review can be found on Goodreads.


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