Baby Girl, 5 star Erotica like no other. Real, raw, and pulls no punches.


Ever wonder what it is really life to be in a Dominant submissive (D/s) relationship? Read this book and you will know. No planes, no billions of dollars, just real life. Writing that’s real, raw, and you can relate to. Please note: the sex in this book is descriptive.

This is Adult Erotica like no other you will ever read. Simply stated, you will finish this novel feeling as if every  nerve ending is exposed.

In the same fashion as the critically acclaimed Broken People, the author climbs into the head of the reader and stirs emotions. Baby Girl is a story that begins to unfold in this first of three novels telling the story of the life of Erik Ead.

Erik is the 36 year old son of a single parent, his mother. His father died when he was three, and his mother raised him. Upon returning home from completing his medical school and his residency, his mother is killed  by a drunken driver. Searching for answers,  and uncertain of his ability to love anyone, he rides a motorcycle to rid his mind of life’s harsher offerings.

When he meets Kelli, the 22 year old daughter of a wealthy BMW dealership owner, they both agree to have a no strings attached sex only relationship…for the summer. Unaware of Kelli’s commitment to attend grad school at the end of the summer, Erik makes mental plans for the advancement of a potential relationship , and allows himself to begin to heal.

Kelli, at least initially, is in the relationship for sex and to learn of the intricacies of a Dominant/submissive relationship.

This book is real, it is raw, and it will open your soul for a search of who you truly are, sexually.

This is not the typical romance, or erotica. It is not fairy tale romance, nor is it any form of fantasy. It is real people, real circumstances, and real dialogue. It hits hard, and it hits in a fashion that will cause you to second guess what you’re doing in your relationship. If you have ever really wondered about yourself, sexually, you’ll have the answers upon a complete read.

The series, when completed, will leave you speechless. Intended to be read as a series, but each book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

Sex scenes are real, raw, and unlike what you’re used to. If you’re easily offended by the use of expletives, this book is not for you.

As one reviewer already stated, “Christian who? Give me an Erik Eads…”












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