MUST READ: “BABY GIRL” 5 STARS Erotica that is real-to-life


Motorcycles. Sex. Unconventional relationship. Development of love. Sex. College. Money.

Erik Ead is a psychiatrist that has an ability to crawl inside the head of women and convince them of anything

A dominant 36 year old, Erik has never had a meaningful relationship in his life.

The only woman he has ever loved was his mother. Upon completing his residency as a psychiatrist and returning home, his mother was killed by a drunken driver. He now questions his life, his purpose, and his ability to be in any loving relationship. Riding his motorcycle to rid himself of the day-to-day mental difficulties associated with life, he is soul searching. When he meets Kelli, the 22 year old educated daughter of the local BMW dealer, he begins to second guess his past. Kelli is intelligent, educated, and knows who she is. Erik wants to ruin her. Ruin her from ever being satisfied by another man.

Raised by her father after the disappearance of her mother at the age of one, Kelli doesn’t believe in love. Her life has been spent intentionally bouncing from man to man, using them for sex – never being satisfied – and not quite understanding why.  She learns after meeting Erik that she has an immediate desire to please him, to make him see her as able, competent, and willing. For the first time in her life, she sees that having a male disappointed in her is something that she cannot come to terms with.

She strives to earn his praise. Subconsciously, and naturally, she wants to submit. Their two paths are now intertwining at a crossroads of sex and self-discovery. Two lost souls convinced that love isn’t real and they are not wholly capable of giving themselves or their love to one another.

Baby Girl is a vivid and truthful telling of a genuine, raw story in the development of a D/s relationship. Run of the mill steamy sex, spankings and dominance this book is not. The sex in this book is not vanilla sex. It’s not love making. It is scream-inducing, on your knees until they bleed pleasure. Quite literally.

5 **** Amazon review by Kindluvr – The first book of the series has definitely piqued my interest. My radar honed in on the amount of alternative lifestyle, personality and behavior that is easily and well explained. In fact, it’s quite beautifully written for all three. There is sensitive content tackled, but it is done in a very humble way.
Now, let’s get to the steamier side of things…the sex between Kelli and Erik in this little gem is off.the.hook. Kick your heels up and grab something cool to drink cause you won’t be able to fan this one out. You WILL find yourself reading over certain parts again AND AGAIN, just to relive them.
Baby Girl is sexy, real-life, honest, provoking, and yes, yes, yes, erotic.
Can’t wait for the next book in this series.
Thank you Sir, can I have another?


5 ***** Amazon review by Aftiel Twilight Angel – Sometimes you don’t recognize love even when it’s Staring. You. In. The. Face. It took him long enough to realize this. As Erik grows he begins to really ponder what love`s about. He doesn’t want to be left again. Finally he adheres to Confucius “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Then again, I’m not sure whether it’s really love.

The way the author writes is refreshing, it’s honest – it’s no holds barred — and it’s not for everyone. It demands mature readers. Bravo, Sir. Thank you for the insight of a true Dom.

I am looking forward to Book 2. This is a work of art in progress. I’d give it a 6+, but since that’s not possible…a solid 5.


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