BABY GIRL, by Scott Hildreth – This book isn’t read, it is felt…

Available in ebook, this book can be enjoyed on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Droid, tablet, laptop, PC, Kindle, or any other electronic device. Kindle readers are available for free at the iTunes Store, Amazon, or Google Store.

“Love requires courage, persistence, and maintenance. Love just doesn’t lie there with us as we live our lives, and engulf us, providing us with an assurance that it exists…”

‘Love is developed, and it is never perfect. We, as people, are flawed. Therefore, love is flawed. Most people live their lives trying to find the perfect person to provide them what they believe to be the perfect love. In my opinion, people should find someone that provides them with affection, someone that makes them feel, then develop and maintain the perfect love. That is the closest thing to real love that could ever possibly exist…”

“Time decides who we have in our lives, our hearts decide how we feel about them, and our actions and attitude toward them determine how long they stay..”

“If we don’t love, we don’t feel pain. If we don’t have expectations, we never have disappointment if the expectations aren’t met…”

Baby Girl, by Scott Hildreth is more than erotica. It is full of words to live by, quotable quotes, and development of true love.

Be aroused, feel sensual, learn about D/s relationships, and allow yourself to be alive again….A must read for all codependent women and submissive types. This book allows one to truly understand the ins and outs of these types of relationships…

Baby Girl, there’s nothing quite like it.

#erotica #50shadesofgrey #adultromance #bdsm #dominance #submission  NA romance NA fiction #dominant #submissive



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