“THE ALPHA-BET” Comic erotica that makes you laugh out loud…and breaks all the rules.



This book is full of sex. FULL. It is NOT a conventional romance novel. It is a comic-erotica. It depicts a woman that is angry at all men, and she is attempting to resolve it sexually…in ways you can only imagine.

This book has dirty, raunchy, descriptive sex. The characters may or may not use protection. The characters may or may not be in a relationship. It has one night stands, hook-ups, FWB situations, DP, FFM, MMF, MM, internet dating, etc.. If you are not prepared for these types of scenes, DO NOT read this book. This book is not for everyone. It is HOT and it is FUNNY. You will laugh out loud in almost every scene.


Christy Cross drinks, a lot. She’s a college student, a black belt in Taekwondo, and works at a coffee shop. Christy is sexually frustrated. Christy had one sexual encounter in her life, as a senior in high school. The experience went so wrong that she has abstained from sex for years…until now….

In a drunken stupor with a friend in a bar, she made a bet. Christy takes bets seriously, and will go to any length to win one. Any length…

She made a bet to try to make her way (sexually) through the alphabet……and she has the summer to complete it. From A-Z. As if this weren’t difficult enough, she has to do it in alphabetical order. She is able to use first or last names to check a letter off the list.

What happens is not what she or anyone else expects. Armed with her back pack of necessities, she works her way from one victim to the next, trying to make her way to “Z”. Christy quickly finds that she is an alpha-female, she has an insatiable desire to have sex, and she doesn’t take any sh*t from anyone, male or female. Her alpha-female escapades get her into a lot of areas that other females can only dream about, sexually speaking…

She now stands for every girl that has had a male abuse or mis-treat her in their life. She’s taking care of herself and all women, one letter at a time.

This romp, after the seventh chapter, is one sex scene in almost every other chapter. It, again, is not for the meek. It is NOT A ROMANCE NOVEL. This is a comic-erotica. It is fiction, it is funny (to some) and it is full of sex. The sex is descriptive, raw, and unreal. If you enjoyed Beats Hard Rock Harlets, and Strings you’ll love this read. If you liked Unattainable, Aching to Exhale, or Viper’s run, you may not like this…If you are easily offended, do not read this book. If you are not easily offended, read it at your own risk.

It is entertaining. Very. If you have a sense of humor, and aren’t sexually offended.

Have fun, Christy is….



BDSM, D/s, DS, A2M, Erotica, Raunchy, comic erotica, Adult Romance, comedy, Alpha, se, sex, sex, motorcycles, MC, Alpha-female, alpha-male, Beats, Hard rock Harlets, Strings, NA fiction, NA Romance, NA, New Adult Romance, New Adult Fiction, A2M, MM, MMF, MFF, FFM, FMM, Dominance, submission, alpha-male, alpha-female, Madamme,






  1. S.H. You have done it again, thank you;)
    Never stop writing, your fucking amazing. This story had me falling about laughing! Brilliant. Yours always Donna.

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