“THE ALPHA-BET” – ON SALE $0.99 – 5 Star Adult Humor that is laugh out loud funny from beginning to end.



When was the last time that you read a book and it actually made you laugh so hard that you had tears coming out of your eyes? This is that book.

The reviews are pouring in, and after two days, “The Alpha-Bet has (8) 5 star reviews. Readers are unanimous in their remarks.


“You sir sure know how to make a girl wet her pants and giggle about it….and then wet her pants again.  Jesus fucking Christmas!” – Heather on Goodreads


“Be warned this is not a romance with a cuddly HEA, this is a down and dirty raunchy tale of Christy Cross, her best friend Heather and the bet!

I started this book late last night and read thru the wee hours of the morning,I was not able to put it down! Some of the situations that Christy puts herself pretty much had me laughing so hard I started to cry. There’s not truly one thing that stands out as the funniest moment for me,it just one thing after another,after another….but I will say I’ll never look at mayonnaise the same and I have a new unit of measurement for a certain part of the male anatomy.

But above all,what I really loved about this book was that I didn’t know what to expect from moment to moment with Christy and her friend Heather. Scott Hildreth kept me guessing, that to me is a rare find. Not to many books surprise me anymore, there’s a standard formula especially in the romance/erotica genre which is fine and I’m not knocking it but it’s nice to still surprised.

So thank you Scott Hildreth for keeping me guessing and making me laugh!!!” – Debb on Goodreads


This book is one sale through Thursday for $0.99, get your copy today. After Thursday it will be $3.99




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