BABY GIRL, Motorcycles, Tattooed Alpha male, Dominance, submission, and hot steamy sex…

Baby Girl, by Scott Hildreth is a true-to-life depiction of the lifestyle. Dominance and submission is portrayed in this novel as it happens in life. This is not a novel of billions of dollars, mansions, and red rooms of pain. This is two people that are real, live realistic lives, and have enough in common that they try to make a relationship work.

The sex in this book is raw, descriptive, and realistic. It is steamy and it is HOT.

The book has a main male protagonist that is a psychiatrist, and he plays mind-fuck games with the female. He uses his intelligence, questions, answers, and torment to ensure that she is up to his standard of submissive that he prefers.

This book is real, it is raw, and it is not for the closed minded.

It is a true must read for the MC  romance fanatic, the alpha male fan,  or the person that truly wants to read a HOT erotica about an alpha male Dominant.

Available in ebook, this book can be enjoyed on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Droid, tablet, laptop, PC, Kindle, or any other electronic device.

#erotica #50shadesofgrey #adultromance #bdsm #dominance #submission  NA romance NA fiction #dominant #submissive #motorcycleclub #mcromance


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