BABY GIRL and THE ALPHA-BET on sale $0.99 each through the week…..BABY GIRL II COMING UP

I have reduced the price for “BABY GIRL” BOOK I, and “THE ALPHA-BET” through the end of the week to $0.99. Baby Girl II coming up in a few days….

Two of the best erotica books that you can get at any price reduced to $0.99 for your ease and enjoyment.

Baby Girl, the most realistic, raw, no-holds-barred erotica regarding Dominant and submissive relationships you will ever read.

The Alpha-Bet, the funniest erotica available. Hot steamy sex. Hilarious. Like nothing you’ll ever read. 5 star reviews across the board….get them while you can….



  1. Stunning work…and the complexity of the chars were riveting. In a word? Amazing. Thanks for writing it down and allowing it to consume me for a few hours. It will be re-read because its now stuck someplace deep inside me, examined in micro-pieces, joyfully recognized as ‘truth’ at a deep, deep level.

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