Undefeated, by Scott Hildreth An erotic novel that may help you find inspiration to stop voiolence and abuse against women

My inspiration to write Undefeated, and the hope that it may inspire someone to get out of an abusive relationship, came from the events described below. The events below are true. The events in the book are not. The book is one hundred percent fiction.

One weekend, I had a girl get in touch with me that I had never met. She had received my telephone number from a friend of a friend. Frantic, she attempted to speak to me initially, but each time she tried, she was overcome with emotion.

This emotion filled silence continued for almost an hour, and then we then actually began to communicate, albeit slowly, and one-sided. I learned through the conversation (that lasted almost eight hours) that she was bound by her husband, and gang raped by his friends. This happened for a few days. Against, if I even need to state this, her will. She was in and out of consciousness for two days. Eventually, she was released. In shock and extremely poor health, she contacted me from a remote hotel room.

I struggled with this event, and how to handle it. I struggled with this more than I have struggled with almost anything in my life. Vengeance. At what point does one administer justice to someone that the courts will undoubtedly not punish properly? The punishment for this particular crime, regardless of what was imposed by the court, would not be sufficient for the crime committed.

I chose at the time to speak to another close female friend about the event, and get her opinion.

Although I could not speak to my friend about the person, the events, or the intimacies of the above  mentioned conversation, we spoke for some time in general about God, about law and about the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I shared with her my thoughts of feeling a need to resolve this issue with the caller’s husband on my own. When the smoke cleared, I sat in a coffee shop and thought. I made a decision. “Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”  I decided, for once in my life, that it was not my responsibility to resolve this issue. I contacted the authorities, called in a few favors from some friends in law enforcement, and the issue was dealt with in a manner in accordance with law.

My female friend, as always, proved extremely useful in her ability to convey her understanding of the message of God in a manner that I could listen to and accept. I have always struggled with attempting to do what is right (in my mind), and hoped that it was what was right in God’s eyes. I do not know that these things always were in line with one another.

Until now.

And now, a year later, the person from the incident above?

She is well. As well as she can be, considering all things. She is fortunate.

I struggle – still today – with thoughts of vengeance.

My struggle brought me to this.

I hope you enjoy.


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  1. This story caused me great shock. I can guess at how low a man, or a woman, can stoop, having read many articles where readers are allowed to contact a psychologist and ‘air’ their problems and gain valuable feedback from the psychologist’s analysis of their situation.

    I’m also drawn to shows where people meet with correspondents and explain their situation, the people concerned always in shadow so their identity is not revealed–their voices distorted.

    But this particular event, with her husband’s friends gang raping her, is particularly monstrous.

    I too, would have felt bitter about this, and my judgement clouded by rage. But, I believe, you ultimately made the right choice.

    Poor woman. I hope she found a comforting shoulder to lean on.

    Thanks for gifting us with this story, Scott, and the best of luck with your future novels (though I’m sure a man of your many talents needs no luck).

    I am Alex George, fantasy fiction author of Under the Dragon’s Claw. We are friends on goodreads.

    I would be honoured if you could visit me on my website: authoralexgeorge.com
    to leave a comment on one of my posts. I write on everyday matters that we authors tackle in our lives. You’ll be in good company (readers, fans, and authors).

    Happy writing,


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