“BANNED: Dying to Survive” The dark erotica banned by Amazon three times


My book, Dying to Survive, was banned by Amazon three times before it was “blocked” by them for publishing.

What did I do?

I republished the exact same book, with a different cover and a different name.

“Banned: Dying to Survive” the Amazon #1 Best Selling Erotic Thriller is now available, in its unedited version, for $3.99.

The book is a remarkable read about being abducted and falling in love.

And not necessarily having things work out the way you want them to. Prepare yourself for a ride like no other. This book is dark, it is erotic, and it is not for the masses.

Is it for you?

Read it and see.



  1. I can’t believe they keep banning your book. I read it. I’d label it as an Erotic thriller, and anybody who has a problem with those genres need to seriously not read the book. Now saying this, I have read much worse violence and erotic novels that had me grabbing for a pillow to hide behind – by far, and those books are still out there, selling like crazy. I don’t get why your book is being ripped down. You did a great job of taking us into the minds of the lost and damaged, and I think that’s the point the hatters are missing. Two people that are simply dying to survive 😉

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