Boxer Romance/Erotica novels

The “Un” Series of Erotic Romance novels by Scott Hildreth.

Undefeated, A tale of a boxer, Shane Dekkar, attempting to make it to the Heavyweight Championship of the Word.

Unstoppable, a tale of a bare knuckles fighter/boxer, Mike Ripton, who has never loved a woman – but he falls head over heels for an attorney.

Unleashed, a tale of Mike Ripton and his attorney girlfriend battling a murder charge.

This series is unlike any fighter romance/erotica you’ve ever read. If you like action, It has fighting, boxing, and even the typical drunken bar brawls.

If you like erotica, it has panty scorching sex scenes. You’ll be extremely uncomfortable when reading this – do not read in public.

If it’s a story you prefer, all three books have a plot that will keep you up all night turning the pages. And, as with all of my books, these books shave a hidden message that will melt your heart.

Try this series, you won’t regret it.



  1. Will there be a book after unleashed? I hope so. You can’t leave us with that ending and not go into that side!!

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