Change your life, or your money back!! “Broken People” A must read book for parents and teens alike.

Broken People, my first novel, is truly the one book you should read if you have high school children. If you want to know what they think, believe, and wonder, this book reveals true to life feelings and thoughts of modern day children.

Additionally, as a parent, you’ll see through the parents depicted in the book, what you may be doing wrong.

Five different people. And independent senior in high school with strict parents. A bulimic teen. A suicidal ten. A teen with a former Marine father who attempts to convince his son he’ll never amount to anything. Another from a broken home living without a father – yearning to become one.

And a selfless asshole who attempts to help them all without receiving recognition for doing so. Someone who himself needs repair more than any of those he befriends.

This book received critical acclaim from around the world for a reason. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever read.

If you have children, do yourself a favor. Pick this up and read it. Your life will change for the better. If you don’t believe me, try it.

100% money back guarantee.


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