My newest Motorcycle Club Romance, HUNG, is a fantastic love story, and an erotic adventure unlike any other

HUNG rose to the rank of #1 Best Seller in Erotica Action Adventure, Erotic Suspense, and Humorous Erotica on release day. As of yesterday, I am ranked by Amazon as the #3 Erotica author as a result. This book is a true must read, and it will change your mind about bad boys and Motorcycle Club Romances altogether. No sex outside the relationship, no love triangles, no club whores….Only life as it exists served to you on a platter of reality. It isn’t always pretty, and it sure isn’t all hearts and flowers, but it is erotic, FLAMING hot, and a love story like no other.

Read the (30) 5 star reviews it received in less than 24 hours. This book is so hot it will set your Kindle ablaze. The Hero is a man who is unlike any book boyfriend you’ve ever had.

Give HUNG a try. See what the hype is about and why people are saying it is their favorite book of 2015.

tip of the tongue

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