HUNG is a #1 best seller, and Selected Sinners holds spots #1, 2, 3, and 4 in Erotica.

My newest MC Romance release, HUNG, is climbing the charts fast. Currently ranked #58 in all books on Amazon, and ranked #1 in Erotica, it also holds (6) #1 Best Seller positions. Why, you might ask, is HUNG (and the rest of the series) doing so well…

My MC Romance books do not follow the typical pattern for MC books written by other authors. Mine do not incorporate cheating, sharing of partners, or club whores into the plot. I’ve ridden with MC’s for almost years, and these things aren’t real life events for MC’s and or patched in members.

The absence of these things leaves the book with a great plot (in my opinion), a great story, and some steamy sex between the Hero and heroine.

Give HUNG a try. See what the hype is about. Find out why people are saying it’s they’re favorite book of the year.


who's pussy



  1. Great story, great plot. Really like Dalton. He found his way to love. He had such great stories. I hope you write a book on Big Jack and update us on all the pregnant Ol’e Ladies!

  2. #1 in 7 categories!!!!!!! Well duh! Biscuit is one foul mouth, bad ass mutha. This book is hot and dirty. Very funny too. If you haven’t taken the time to meet Biscuit, you are definitely missing out.

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