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Amazon’s #1 Erotic Romance, EX-CON, is free on Kindle Unlimited

Posted in Erotica on August 26, 2015 by scottdhildreth

Amazon’s #1 Erotic Romance, EX-CON, is free on Kindle Unlimited.


Amazon’s #1 Erotic Romance, EX-CON, is free on Kindle Unlimited

Posted in Erotica on August 26, 2015 by scottdhildreth

Amazon’s number one Erotic Romance, EX-CON, is free for Kindle Unlimited users.*Version*=1&*entries*=0


“EX-CON” is ranked Amazon’s #1 book in Erotica, and #1 in Erotic Romance

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My newest release, EX-CON, is ranked #1 in (13) categories by Amazon, and has just hit the top 100 list out of all books in existence.

If I was asked why, I’d have to say the reason for the immediate success is the realism of the story itself.

Jackson is a biker, he’s big, he’s tough, he’s dominant, he rides in a MC, but he doesn’t cheat, he’s 100% faithful to his lover, His lover doesn’t have any issues, she isn’t a doormat, and she stands up for what she believes in.

The story is in many respects a classic tale of love, loss, and a reunion of sorts.

But it is told in a different fashion in that the ‘loss’ is a trip to the federal penitentiary.

The love is realistic, the MC is realistic, and the time in prison is realistic.

Bloggers, Goodreads reviewers, and Amazon reviewers have called EX-CON ‘the best book I have ever read’ and ‘the best book of 2015.

Give it a try today ands see what you’ve been missing.

Although it is Book V in the Selected Sinners Series of MC Erotic Romance novels, it is a true stand-alone and can be enjoyed as such.


“EX-CON” the #1 Best Selling MC Romance, is a love story like no other

Posted in Erotica on August 20, 2015 by scottdhildreth

whither and die

No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, a Hero that is loyal, loving, and Dominant.

A heroine who has a backbone.

And a love that is timeless.

A true must read novel that will change your outlook on MC Romance novels.

BOOK SALE $0.99 USA and UK “OTIS” my #1 Best Selling MC Romance on SALE

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window watching

ALMOST FREE #1 Best Selling MC Romance!!! Selected Sinners “OTIS” for 99 cents/99 pence USA and UK!! In appreciation of making EX-CON #1 in 7 Erotica Categories, as always, I have chosen to pay it forward (or whatever you want to call it) and place OTIS on sale for 99 cents 99 pence.




In 2 days, “EX-CON” has reached #1 Best Seller status in 7 categories

Posted in Erotica on August 18, 2015 by scottdhildreth

EX-CON, my newest release, isn’t a MC Romance. Well, not really. It’s a love story. The hero in the book, Jackson “Big Jack” Shephard rides a bike in a motorcycle club, yes. But, that is not what this book’s focus is.

The focus is Jackson and Emily, his love interest.

Jackson is an alpha male with a short fuse when it comes to putting up with people who abuse what it is he loves. If you’re on his list of loves (bikes, brothers, his love interest) he’s faithful and protective.

He doesn’t cheat, he doesn’t share, nor does he ever act in a disrespectful manner.

But if you cross him, the wrath of Jack is upon you.

EX-CON, according to reviewers, is one of the (if no the) BEST OF 2015.

It’s THAT good.

Give it a try. It’s ranked #1 for a reason.

A true stand-alone erotic tale of love, life, loss, and second chances.

EX-CON, Selected Sinners #5 a stand-alone tale of love, loss, and second chances, is LIVE

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“EX-CON” my newest novel, is now LIVE. It is a stand-alone story of Jackson Shephard, a man who rides in a motorcycle club, and prefers to be faithful to his brothers in the club and the woman in his life. He doesn’t cheat, he doesn’t lie, and he never breaks a promise.

Jack is Dominant, alpha as hell, has a quick temper when someone crosses him or the ones he loves, and he doesn’t take shit from anyone.

This story has motorcycle clubs, prison, men who fight for their woman, sexy alphas, and above all, LOVE. It will definitely, upon a complete read, be one of your top book of 2015.

No previous book is required to read this book. It truly stands alone. A 5 star, must read, absolute masterpiece, and by my (and current reviews) best book ever.