In 2 days, “EX-CON” has reached #1 Best Seller status in 7 categories

EX-CON, my newest release, isn’t a MC Romance. Well, not really. It’s a love story. The hero in the book, Jackson “Big Jack” Shephard rides a bike in a motorcycle club, yes. But, that is not what this book’s focus is.

The focus is Jackson and Emily, his love interest.

Jackson is an alpha male with a short fuse when it comes to putting up with people who abuse what it is he loves. If you’re on his list of loves (bikes, brothers, his love interest) he’s faithful and protective.

He doesn’t cheat, he doesn’t share, nor does he ever act in a disrespectful manner.

But if you cross him, the wrath of Jack is upon you.

EX-CON, according to reviewers, is one of the (if no the) BEST OF 2015.

It’s THAT good.

Give it a try. It’s ranked #1 for a reason.

A true stand-alone erotic tale of love, life, loss, and second chances.


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