“EX-CON” is ranked Amazon’s #1 book in Erotica, and #1 in Erotic Romance


My newest release, EX-CON, is ranked #1 in (13) categories by Amazon, and has just hit the top 100 list out of all books in existence.

If I was asked why, I’d have to say the reason for the immediate success is the realism of the story itself.

Jackson is a biker, he’s big, he’s tough, he’s dominant, he rides in a MC, but he doesn’t cheat, he’s 100% faithful to his lover, His lover doesn’t have any issues, she isn’t a doormat, and she stands up for what she believes in.

The story is in many respects a classic tale of love, loss, and a reunion of sorts.

But it is told in a different fashion in that the ‘loss’ is a trip to the federal penitentiary.

The love is realistic, the MC is realistic, and the time in prison is realistic.

Bloggers, Goodreads reviewers, and Amazon reviewers have called EX-CON ‘the best book I have ever read’ and ‘the best book of 2015.

Give it a try today ands see what you’ve been missing.

Although it is Book V in the Selected Sinners Series of MC Erotic Romance novels, it is a true stand-alone and can be enjoyed as such.

BUY LINK: http://www.amazon.com/EX-CON-Selected-Sinners-MC-Romance-ebook/dp/B013ZVSA16


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