6 DAY SALE!! Selected Sinners Series (five books) On sale for $4.99

Preceding the release of my new novel, Blurred Lines, which goes on sale September 21st, I have decided to have a HUGE SALE, and place the entire Selected Sinners MC Romance series ON SALE for $4.99, starting NOW.

That’s 5 books for $4.99. Less than a buck a piece. This is for all countries, and will only last until the new book is released.

The newest book is a spin off of the Sinners, and the new series will run concurrently with the Selected Sinners series. Some of the characters in the Sinners are also in Blurred Lines, and they will continue to be in the series, as the main character for Blurred lines becomes a prospect for the Sinners.

So, even if you’ve read some of the Selected Sinners books, this is a chance for you to get ALL FIVE books for the price of one plus a dollar.

They were all #1 Best Sellers, and HUNG won an award by Amazon for being in the top 50 books out of all books they were selling in August.

Share, tag your friends, and enjoy this series, but HURRY. This sale is over in ONE WEEK.

They’ve never been this low in price, and they never will be again. This is my way of saying thank you, and preparing everyone for the new series, Bodies Ink and Steel, and the new book, Blurred Lines.

BUIY LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Selected-Siners-BOX-ROMANCE-BOXED-ebook/dp/B015EVC51G/


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