“Money Shot”, a stand-alone love story, and Selected Sinners Book VI, is being described as my “best book ever”

Reviewers are describing Selected Sinners MC Romance Book VI as “Scott Hildreth’s best book to date”.

It is a romantic, yet erotic tale of loss , friendship, and finding love in the place where you might least expect it.

Wine guzzling book reviewer and blogger Sienna Boyco, while reviewing a book and downing glass after glass of wine, has a knock on her door. After peering through the blinds, she sees the ultimate book boyfriend.

A handsome tattooed biker is standing on her porch, out of gas, and without a phone to call for help.

Not so reluctantly, she offers to assist.

She learns he is different than any biker she has ever read about in her MC Romance  novels. He’s a debt collector for drug dealers, has an attitude a mile ling, and a short temper. He loves to fight, and is quick to pull his knife or gun. But, he confides in her his weakness.

Romance novels.

He loves to read them, and is a true romantic at heart. His biker brethren don’t know it, but he sees no harm in being honest with Sienna.

And so begins a friendship between two people from opposite sides of the spectrum with a common bond.

Money Shot is a must read love story. It will make you laugh, cry tears of joy, and stand up and cheer for the “bad” guy.

It’s ranked a #1 Best Seller in (7) Amazon categories for a reason.


BUY LINK: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018EVHYMS




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