From my book, “Unstoppable”

“Chuck what?” I asked, not really sure of what he said.

“Chuck Fuckin’,” he responded.

He tossed his shirt over the arm of the couch and reached for the waistband of his shorts. I watched his hands as he fumbled with the button. His knuckles were covered with scars, and his hands were huge. If what they say about a guy’s hands being large is right, this could make for a really fun night. Something about a tattooed, muscular fighter with a sense of humor was a huge turn on; and this guy was all of the above.

“Oh my fucking God,” I gasped as his shorts fell to his ankles.

“What?” he said as he kicked his shorts free of his shoes.

“Your….uhhm…cock,” I stuttered as I pointed to the massive cock which hung between his legs like some other form of appendage altogether.

“The piercings?” he asked as he looked down and started stroking it.

“The what?” I asked as I watched his hand slide up and down the shaft.

“Piercings?” he said as he lifted his cock and exposed the underside.

“Holy fuck, what are they? Oh God. It’s getting hot in here. Brandee, come here,” I squealed as I waved my arms.

Brandee stood from the barstool and shook her head as she walked toward the portion of the room where we were standing. Her eyes widened as she saw Ripp standing naked, wearing only his shoes and holding his massive cock by the head. Although Brandee rarely spoke, she looked down at his cock, up at his face, back down between his legs, and almost screamed.

Oh my fucking God, that’s hot. Are you going to fuck him?” she rested her hands on her thighs and bent her knees slightly, staring across the room at his cock.

Brandee and I had a rule. We never had sex with the same guy. We almost always traveled together and were quite close, but we never crossed those lines. Several guys tried, and many had fetishes, but we always stuck to our guns in that respect. She knew if Ripp and I had sex, she was out of the equation.

“Uhhm, yeah. He’s mine,” I mumbled as I licked my lips.

“Quit staring at me, you’re making me self-conscious. I’m ain’tt some fuckin’ circus animal,” Ripp laughed as he started to stroke his cock.

“What is it called?” I asked as I stared at the jewelry in the bottom side of his cock.

“This,” he pointed to a hoop that was pierced through the tip, “is a Prince Albert.”

He raised his cock up, exposing the underside. Four shiny shafts of metal with little balls on each end pierced the skin along the shaft. As if hypnotized, I stared while he spoke.

“And these are called a Jacob’s ladder,” he said as he held the head of his cock between his thumb and forefinger, stroking the tip of his other index finger along the underside of the shaft.

“Does it hurt?” Brandee asked.

“Go back in the other room,” I pointed toward the bar, “you’ve seen enough.”

“Fuck you, I wanna see it,” Brandee whined as she continued staring at his cock.

“Get. Go back to the bar, Brandee,” I demanded.

Ripp stood and smiled as he began to stroke his cock more aggressively. As his massive hand slid from the tip to his balls, it became apparent just how large his cock actually was. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and realized my pussy was absolutely soaked.

“Is it hot in here?” I asked again.

“It’s Austin, babe. It’s always hot,” Ripp laughed, “I feel like I’m in a bad porn movie. This is gettin’ weird quick. What are we doin here?”

“She’s going to sit on her bar stool, and you’re going to fuck me. Do you leave the stuff in, or take it out?” I asked as I pointed to the barstool and nudged my head toward the bar.

“I didn’t put all of these in here to take ‘em out during sex,” he shook his head and smiled as Brandee walked back to the bar.

“And you’re leaving your shoes on?” I asked as I looked up at his torso.

He was massive and tattoos littered his upper body, randomly placed on his arms, chest, torso and ribs. He stood in the center of the floor stroking his cock and smiling as he looked down at his Chuck’s.

“Well, I can’t Chuck Fuck without ‘em, now can I?” he asked.

“Uhhm. No,” I responded.

My pussy was uncomfortably wet.

I walked the few steps which separated Ripp from me, and kicked my shoes off as I approached him. With each step, I could feel the wetness between my legs. I’ve always joked     a wet pussy knows what a mind won’t always admit. My wet pussy knew it wanted his pierced cock inside of it. As I closed the gap between us, Ripp smiled.

He was as big of a man as I had actually ever seen, and covered in tattoos. His head was smooth shaven, and his muscles flexed when he walked. I’ve been going to MMA fights for five years, met a lot of fighters and watched many fights. I have never seen anyone punch as fast as he did when he fought Monkey or hit as hard with the punches he threw. There was something about him, something was just…


“Can I suck it?” I asked as I knelt in front of him.

“Well, I sure as fuck ain’t gonna bitch about it if you do,” he laughed as he looked down at his cock.

“I didn’t know with all of the, well…the stuff in it,” I whispered as I reached out and wrapped my hands around it.

“It’s still just a cock. If you’re scared…” he began.

“I’m not scared,” I said assuredly as I carefully reached for his cock.

As I wrapped my fingers around his cock, I grinned. My fingers wouldn’t completely make it around the circumference of the shaft. I stared in awe, wondering if it would even fit inside of me – and if so – what it would feel like. Gripping it, I glanced at my wrist and compared it to the size of his cock.

The exact same.

“You know what’s cool about you having little bitty hands?” Ripp asked as he looked into my eyes.

“Huh? What’s that?” I stammered.

“Your little hands make my cock look huge,” he chuckled.

“Your cock is huge,” I laughed.

Unable to last another moment, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the shaft and flicked my tongue against his Prince Albert piercing. When I did, I looked upward to see his reaction. I watched as he placed his hands on his hips, leaned back, and began to moan.

“Fuck yes,” he groaned as he looked up at the ceiling.

“Holy shit, girl. You know your way around a cock, don’t ya?” he groaned as he looked down and bit the side of his lower lip with his teeth.

Pleased he was enjoying my mouth on his cock, I slowly slid my lips up and down, feeling the little steel shafts bumping against my lower lip as I worked my mouth up and down the length of his cock.

“Did that sound bad? I didn’t mean it to,” he chuckled as he looked down again.

His cock still in my mouth, I shook my head lightly and opened my eyes a little wider. The little pieces of metal in my mouth were starting to make me even more excited. Feeling them slide past my lips and along my tongue reminded me they were there. The constant assurance made me start to wonder how good they would feel as they popped their way in and out of my wet pussy. Surely the girth of his cock would make the jewelry much more enjoyable. Sucking it was starting to make me extremely and uncomfortably wet. I reached under the hem of my dress with my left hand, slid my fingers into my panties, and rubbed my index finger against my clit. The excitement and intensity of everything made me shudder.

“Wet as fuck, ain’t it?” he half whispered as he rocked his hips back and forth.

I nodded my head and forced my tongue against his piercings. His size, muscles, tattoos, good looks, childish nature and huge pierced cock had become more than I could take. I forced two fingers into my pussy as deep as I could as I sucked his cock slowly. As my fingers slid in knuckle deep, I closed my eyes and moaned against his cock.

“Whoa. Bored? You fucking bored?” the question came out in a half angry groan.

I opened my eyes and looked up at his face.

“If you close your eyes when you’re sucking my cock, I gotta think you’re bored. That’s one of my rules, sister. Stand up,” he commanded in a sharp definitive tone as he reached for my armpits.

His cock slid from my mouth as he picked me up from the floor.

“You on birth control?” he asked as my feet dangled a foot from the floor.

“Uhhm. Yeah. Yeah, I am,” I responded.

“I get checked once a month, I’m clean. It ain’t gonna feel as good for either of us if I wear a rubber,” he breathed as he started walking toward the kitchen.

“No. No, I uhhm. I want to feel that. Those,” I pointed down at his cock.

“In me,” I sighed in anticipation as he stopped on the tile floor of the kitchen.

He lowered me onto the floor and looked in my eyes almost as if he were going to interrogate me.

“You got any pussy diseases?” he asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

Although I didn’t intend to, I laughed as I started to speak. Quickly, I covered my mouth with my hand, a little embarrassed and fractionally disappointed I was laughing at this point of what was going to be our initial sexual escapade.

“This is serious. I ain’t looking to get any fuckin’ diseases,” he pressed his hands to his hips and cocked one eyebrow.

“I’m sorry. It’s just. Well, it’s tough to take you seriously. You’re huge, tattooed, and bald. And that,” I smiled and pointed at his face.

“That thing you got going on, the hair on your chin. It’s just. You’re like way hot. And you’re standing here naked, except that you’re wearing tennis shoes,” I giggled as I looked from his face to his feet.

“Well again, I sure can’t Chuck Fuck you without ‘em. And they ain’t tennis shoes, they’re Chuck’s,” he said as he grabbed his ankle and raised his foot up to the height of my chest.

“And you didn’t answer my question,” he stood with his ankle in his hand, staring at his shoe.

“Uhhm, no. No pussy diseases. I know you probably think I am a slut, but I’m not. I’ve had sex with two people in my life,” I lied.

I had been with far more than two people, but I didn’t feel a need to be truthful. Not at this juncture. I didn’t want to chance fucking anything up. I stood, stone-faced, and waited as he lowered his foot to the floor.

Nothing. He bought it.

“And I have been checked, because my last boyfriend was a douche. That was over a year ago,” I sighed.

“Well, sounds like we’re good to go,” he clapped his hands and pointed to the countertop.

“Hop up there,” he said as he motioned to the kitchen island.

I turned and looked behind me at the countertop, confused. As I turned to face him, he placed his hands under my armpits and hoisted me onto the island.

“Get undressed and toss one of those legs over my shoulder. I’ll hold you, and then you can throw the other one up here,” he spread his feet to a wider stance and smiled as he patted his shoulder.

“Excuse me? What…uhhm. What are we doing?” I looked down and couldn’t help but smile.

“Chuck Fuckin’. We been over this already,” he shook his head as if I had asked a ridiculous question.

I pulled the straps of my dress over my shoulders and pushed it down my thighs and off my feet. As I unhooked my bra and pulled it off, he smiled and rubbed his hands together. While I pushed my panties down my thighs, he patted his shoulder again.

“Right here, toss your right leg up here,” he held his arms out and bent his knees, lowering his shoulders a little.

As I lifted my right foot over his shoulder, he reached for my left thigh and pulled it toward him. As my foot lifted from the counter and I started to fall backward, he slipped his left hand behind me and against my back to stabilize me. With both thighs over his shoulders and my pussy against his chin, it was now apparent what it was he had planned. As his other hand slid behind me, I sighed.

“I’m gonna suck on your clit and lick your pussy ‘till your good and wet. After you’re soaked, we’ll get to Chuck Fuckin’,” he said as he tilted his head back a little.

“Till I’m soaked?” I whispered.

“Yup,” he nodded.

“Shouldn’t take long,” I whimpered as I bit my bottom lip and gripped the back of his head with my hands.

“What’s that?” he asked as he started slowly walking across the kitchen floor.

I barely got the word, “Nothing,” out, and he buried his tongue into my pussy.

“Holy shit,” I squealed as his tongue flicked against my clit.

In a predictable but ever so pleasing pattern, his tongue worked from the bottom upward and into my pussy. Gradually he worked his way up and against my clit. As his tongue touched my clit, he flicked the tip against it a few times and then started all over again at the bottom.

“Oh holy…Jesus. I uhhm. Oh God. Oh God,” I mumbled as he licked and nibbled at my wet pussy.

After what was probably a minute at the most, I was done. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, and I had achieved orgasms no less than two times. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I tried to focus on what I was feeling.

He groaned and moaned as his tongue continued to torture me.

Something about sitting on a man’s shoulders and having him lick my pussy was more than I could take. Coupled with the fact the person doing it was covered in tattoos and had a pierced cock, I was a literal mess of sexually tortured pleasure.

I felt my back slam against the wall and his face press harder into my thighs. His tongue slowly worked into my pussy, up against my clit, and stopped. Between his upper lip and tongue, my clit was now held captive to a humming, groaning, unexplainable vibrating tongue dance I am certain he had spent countless hours perfecting. As I began to reach climax, I felt as if my head were going to explode.

“Oh holy fuck stop. I am so serious. Stop. Oh…no. Fuck,” I opened my eyes and saw spots.



The orgasm continued to shoot through my body as his tongue and lip took ownership of my clit. I closed my spot-filled eyes.

Holy fucking Jesus fucking God. Fuck. Shit. Fuck.

A tingling sensation ran from my face to my crotch and up to my nipples. I felt as if I had a thousand feathers tickling me at once. I had no idea of what he was doing to me for certain, but it did not matter. He sure as fuck knew what to do, and he was damned good at it.

“Scrmmm,” his mumbling vibrated against my thighs and pussy.

I opened my eyes and looked down. My entire field of vision filled with grey spots, and my body trembling, I tried to remember how to make my mouth form a legible sound.

“What?” I blurted.

He continued to own my clit.

“Scrmmm,” he grunted.

I may or may not have had another orgasm as he grunted. I closed my eyes and opened them again.


“Whaaaaa?” I shouted.

He pulled his face away from my pussy and looked up into my eyes.

“One more time. And this time, scream when you cum. It’ll feel good,” his lower face covered in cum, he smiled as he spoke.

I generally don’t know very much, and by most peoples accounts I am a dumb blonde, but I knew this much; I needed to buy some time or he was going to kill me. Death by orgasmic pleasure.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” I looked down and whispered.

“Lickle,” he chuckled.

“Huh?” I muttered as I tried to catch my breath.

“Lickle,” he grinned as he licked cum from his lips.

“What the fuck is that?” I sighed as I tried to get my eyes to focus.

“Lickle, I invented it. It’s a tongue control deal. I make my tongue vibrate,” he stuck his tongue out of his mouth and held it still as the tip flicked up and down like a child’s wind-up toy.

“It’s like licking but it tickles. Lickle. You ready?” he asked as he squeezed my waist in his hands.

I had no idea of what to do, and was almost able to breathe normally again. As with anything else pain or pleasure related, it’s awfully easy to tell yourself once it’s over it wasn’t that bad. After he had stopped, I convinced myself I was able to take the Lickle torture again without incident.

I did all I knew to do, considering all things.

Like a cowboy preparing to ride a bull, I gave my sign. I inhaled, closed my eyes, and nodded once.

The vibrating immediately began again, followed by his moaning and groaning. Initially pleased with my ability to take the torture, I almost instantly felt a tingle in my nipples followed by an aching inside my pussy. His tongue in Lickle mode, my clit felt like it was growing in his mouth as he ground his face into my pussy. As if he knew exactly how I felt, he reminded me of our agreement.

“Scrmmm,” he no more than mumbled, and I exploded.

“Holy fuck Ripppppppp!” I let go of his head and slapped the wall with both hands.

“Oh my..”

“Oh my God.”


I opened my eyes to a spot filled room. The wall against my back, I had no means of escape. I bucked my hips against his face, attempting to move myself away from the wall. My entire body tingling and on the verge of dehydration from cumming my brains out, I pushed my hands against the wall, knocking him off balance.

“Yougottastop. Imgonnafuckingexplode,” I exhaled in two jumbled words.

He pulled his face back from my inner thighs as he stumbled backward. He looked up and smiled. His hands slid up my waist to my ribcage and gripped me tight. As he lifted me from his shoulders, I raised my shaking legs to clear his upper body. As he lowered me to the floor, I realized just how weak my legs had become.

“Lay your chest on the countertop and spread your legs a little,” he said as he motioned to the kitchen’s island.

“I need a minute,” I sighed as I placed my shaking hands on the counter.

“Hell babe. We ain’t even got a good start. You ain’t fuckin’ some punk MMA fighter. We’re Chuck Fuckin’ baby. Spread your legs,” he laughed.

To anyone who has ever jumped rope, this might make a little sense. Thirty seconds of jumping rope will exhaust you. It might take fifteen minutes to catch your breath after a minute and a half of exercise. I know boxers jump rope for hours on end. The stamina a boxer has is incapable of being compared to any other athlete. While I recalled just who it was I had signed on to have sex with, he began to stroke his jewelry filled cock.

I leaned my chest onto the countertop and laid my face down on the cold surface. After a second of catching my breath, I spread my legs somewhat and arched my back. As my ass lifted in the air, I felt his fingers begin to slide in and out of my pussy. I got lost as he gently and slowly worked two fingers in and out of my pussy.

God this feels good.

His fingers working in and out of my wet pussy began to feel so good, I felt as if I could fall asleep. My eyes closed, and my body exhausted from half a dozen intense orgasms, I relaxed my muscles and exhaled. The cold counter felt relaxing on my nipples.

“Ready?” his warm breath against my ear startled me.

“Whaaaa?”  I muttered as I opened my eyes.

“For?” I drug the word out for a good three seconds.

“The cock, baby. I need to show you a trick,” he breathed into my ear.

“A trick?” I raised my head from the countertop.

“Kinda like Lickle?” I asked over my left shoulder.

“Yup,” he answered.

We all yearn to be satisfied – to have the one earth shattering orgasm – to feel as if we have been teleported to sexual heaven, but I felt as if I was way out of my league with Ripp. I had no idea what else to do. I simply nodded my head and slowly lowered it onto the counter.

“Do it,” I whispered.

I suppose all along he knew how important the preparation was, the lubrication. The extreme wetness. The opening up of my pussy like a flower to prepare for him to enter me. His Lickle trick was just that – necessary preparation. In no way, however, was it enough.

“Oh my fucking God.” I raised my head from the counter and slapped my hands against the surface.

His cock slowly started to force itself inside of me. The pain wasn’t really a pain, but a pleasure combined with an odd feeling of pain. I felt as if I were sixteen again, losing my virginity to Reece. As my eyes opened wider, I felt his balls pressing against my swollen clit.

“We’ll go easy at first, then I’ll show ya,” he gripped my waist in his hands and slowly slid his cock out of my pussy.

As he carefully slid in and out of my pussy, I decided regardless of where this ended, whatever we were to have after this night was over, I could never ever be satisfied again by any other man who didn’t have a massive cock. Having your pussy full – stuffed absolutely full of cock was like drinking a fine Cognac. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never be satisfied by the cheap shit.

“Oh my God, Ripp…I’m gonna…” I opened my eyes, unsure of what was about to happen.

“Scream,” he insisted as he continued to fuck me slowly and steadily.

His cock slowly worked in and out of my dripping pussy as my body began to shudder. As I felt his hips press against my ass, his balls massaged my clit. I closed my eyes as he slid it out and prepared for the in-stroke. Slowly, he began to force himself inside again as I tried to take a breath. A short and choppy one was all I could get.


“Fuuuucccckkkk!” I screamed as my legs began to shake.

My body exploded with an orgasm to end all orgasms. Simply and slowly fucking me after a few minutes of Lickle, and this man owned my pussy. My legs shaking and my pussy throbbing, I opened and closed my eyes, once again, to spots.

Owned it.


The sound immediately beside my head frightened me. I turned to the right, somewhat startled by seeing his very large canvas Chuck Taylor sneaker right beside my face.

“What the fuck?” I screeched.

“Dekk’s girlfriend read it in a book. Head steppin’,” he said.

“Uhhm, no,” I mumbled.

“I ain’t steppin’ on your head babe. But this shit’s awesome. Just hold on,” he explained.

With his right foot beside my head, and his left on the floor, his hips were at an awkward upward angle against my pussy. My position, however, had not changed. As his hips slowly worked up and down, I was quickly reminded the bottom of his cock was pierced.

Oh. My. God.

At this new angle, his Jacob’s ladder was just that – a fucking ladder leading to the land of orgasmic pleasure. Against my clit, the pieces of steel banged. On the in stroke; tap, tap, tap. And. On the out stroke; tap, tap, tap. I bit my bottom lip and counted as he gripped my hips and did what he seemed to do oh so well.

One. Two. Three. I inhaled sharply. One. Two. Oh my fucking God. I exhaled, followed by a severe head-rush.

His hips pressed against my ass.


With my eyes closed and my mind in suspension, I tingled. Over and over, with each stroke, my clit pulsated as his piercings tickled me into a heavenly bliss. Small orgasms continued, one after the other. I lost track of time, my existence and specifically what was going on. I wasn’t having orgasms.

I became an orgasm.

“What are we doing, babe?” he shouted as he worked his cock up and down, in and out.

“Whaaa?” I opened my eyes and exhaled sharply through the small opening between my teeth and lower lip.

“Chuck Fuckin’,” he hollered.

I closed my eyes and began to feel faint. The steel rods banging against my clit as his massive cock filled the inside of my soaking wet pussy, sliding in and out, tapping my clit further into ownership. The speed in which he was fucking me increased as the seconds passed. As my body started to tingle, the sound of his voice brought me back to earth.

“What are we doing?” he asked again.

“Chuck Fuckin’,” I screamed.

“God damned right, we’re Chuck Fuckin’ baby,” he yelled as he continued to pound in and out of my pussy.

My nipples began to tingle and my butt felt as if it were being electrocuted. I felt my pussy swell as if it were going to explode. I bit my lip harder and grunted, never having felt quite anything comparable.

“Oh God Ripp…”

The feeling of pleasure was more than I felt I could enjoy without collapse or brain damage. I was actually scared I was going to squirt cum it felt so good. Uncertain of what was happening, my mouth and eyes opened at the same time.

“Cum, I’m going to cum,” I stammered.

“Fuck yes. Do it,” he demanded as he slapped his hand against my ass.

As his massive cock filled me, the steel piercings made me melt. Without a doubt, I never want a man without a piercing ever…



“Ahhhhhhhh Fucccckkkkkk,” my eyes opened and closed repeatedly.

My hearing went completely blank. He fucked me deaf. I opened my eyes, and saw nothing. Not even spots. Deaf and blind. As my ears began to ring, my vision repaired itself to seeing spots. A steady dull ring from my ears was a reminder of the intensity of the orgasm. I raised my hand from the countertop and stared at it.

Shaking uncontrollably.

“Gimme a minute,” I whispered as I pulled my hips toward the counter.

“We’re just getting started,” he laughed.

As his cock flopped from inside of me, I reminded him.

“Don’t fucking touch me. Jesus. I need,” I paused and looked around the room, “I need a minute.”

I looked down at my shaking legs. I turned to face Ripp, who stood smiling, his foot still fixed firm on the countertop.

Limber bastard.

“I need a minute, seriously,” I sighed as I attempted to catch my breath.

“Lickle time,” he said as he lowered his foot to the floor and scooped me from my feet.

He raised me over his head and ducked under my legs, resting my thighs on his shoulders. As his mouth smashed against my soaking wet pussy, I felt the tingle against my clit and heard him begin to hum and groan.  Closing my eyes was the only thing I knew to do. I bit my lip and felt my eyes roll back into my head so far I felt they’d dislodge.

And. I. Came.

I have no real complete recollection of how long this lasted or when for certain it stopped. Although I had not had any alcohol or drugs, Ripp later told me I was Fuck Drunk. I’m sure he was right, Fuck Drunk I was. When I came back to consciousness, I heard him in the kitchen.

I looked around the room, confused.

“What happened?” I asked across the room.

“I walked in here to cook some eggs, I got hungry after you rode my cock while I was on the floor,” he said over his shoulder.

Standing naked at the stove and wearing only his Chuck’s, I wanted to take a picture of him.

“How’d I get here? To the couch?” I asked.

“You just sat there when I walked in here. You’re Fuck Drunk. Too much good sex,” he responded as if it were normal.

Light-headed, I walked to the kitchen and stood behind him.

My vision was blurred. I felt as if I had run six miles as fast as I could, and had stopped immediately and unexpectedly. Full of endorphins, emotion, and wonder, I wrapped my arms around his back and slid my hands to his stomach. I nudged my hips closer to his tight butt muscles and sighed.

I had never had so many orgasms in my life.

It was crazy, but one night of sex.

Just one.

And I was falling for Mike Ripton.

Well, at least falling for fucking him.

As he stood naked and scrambled the eggs, I hoped for a sign. Something. I wanted him to tell me I was different. That something had happened in a night filled with orgasms and sex which would separate me from the many others.

“Barbee,” he paused as he stirred the eggs.

“Yeah Ripp?” the words hung on my lips for a long second.

“You think your sister would be up for a three-way?” he asked without looking up from the stove.

Not exactly what I was hoping for.

My heart sank a little bit and I fought with what I wanted to say. My response needed to be something which might preserve a possibility of seeing Ripp in the future. I opened my mouth and closed it a few times, incapable of speaking. Finally, the words came.

“Brandee,” I screamed over my shoulder, “come in here for a minute. Mike and I have a question.”

As I heard Brandee’s feet coming down the hallway, an almost inaudible sound came from where Ripp was standing. I’ll never be one hundred percent certain, but it sounded like…

Fuck yes.


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