Fuck Buddy ranked #69 out of ALL books

Amazon has made Fuck Buddy difficult to get your hands on. If you do a search for “Fuck Buddy” you’ll find nothing. If you search for “Scott Hildreth Fuck Buddy”, you’ll find nothing. They’ve placed my poor book in the cellar due to the name which I refuse to change.

But, despite the attempts to hide it, it is ranked #69 out of all books, and is the #1 book in Erotica as a whole. Also the #1 BDSM, Suspense, Humorous and Romantic Erotica, “Fuck Buddy” is blazing it’s way to the top.


It’s a great read. Sex, angst, love, sex, more angst, deeper love, and then a little more sex on top.

That’s why.

Get yours today, if you can find it, that is. Oh, and as always, it’s FREE on #KindleUnlimited

Amazon US: http://amzn.com/B01BZ1Q2ZY
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01BZ1Q2ZY
Amazon CA: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01BZ1Q2ZY
Amazon AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01BZ1Q2ZY
Signed Paperback: http://tinyurl.com/Hildrethsignedbooks




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