Eight Book Box Set for 99 cents!!!!

sinnersbundleANNOUNCEMENT! The Biker Box Set is LIVE! And it’s only 99 cents!! HARD, and the ENTIRE seven book Selected Sinners series together with my newest biker book release, HARD, for a complete MC Romance overload.
For a limited time, 8 books, 99 cents. That’s 12 cents a book!!!! If you subscribe to #KU, it’s a set you can read for FREE.
Tag, share, and buy as a gift set for your friends. This has never happened before and will never again. Eight for 99 cents.
The books:
Making the Cut – Biker President meets mouthy college student
Taking the Heat – former US Marine turned biker meets homeless girl
OTIS – 6 foot 6 biker with a penchant for sex in public reunites with his old high school sweetheart in a second chance romance (won Kindle All-Star Award)
HUNG – The MC’s practical joker decides to give a college girl his 12″ of cock, only to find out she’s the daughter of a cop. (won Kindle All-Star Award)
Ex-Con – In a ‘true love can stand the test of time’ romance, this romance takes one of the MC’s best men to prison on a trumped up charge.
Money Shot – Goodreads reviewer with a fondness for bad boys gets a knock on her door from a stranded biker while reviewing a bad-boy romance. Dream. Come. True.
And, as a BONUS:
HARD – The sparks fly immediately when the Filthy Fuckers MC president is approached for an interview by a young newspaper reporter in this book of love, loss, and vengeance.
All countries, all Amazon locations, only 99 cents, and only for a SHORT time.

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