ATTENTION: SEX scene from my upcoming book, RIGID

ATTENTION! Sex scene ahead. To give you an idea of what you’re going to get with my next book, RIGID, I’m providing an excerpt from one of the many HOT sex scenes in this book. Just a tease. A HOT tease.
Mark your calendars, because the 20th of March will go down in history as the day Kindles went ablaze all over the world.
My guarantee to you:
I’ve never written a book this meaningful, this sexy, this blazing HOT, and this thought provoking. My best work to date, without a doubt.
Prepare for RIGID. But nothing will prepare you for SMOKEY.
EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER FIVE: (and, chapter five ISN’T the first sex scene)
I’d walked into the kitchen to get a bottle of water while he draped his kutte over the back of the couch. When I turned around, he was standing between me and the living room, wearing only his jeans and a wife beater.
His jeans were tight enough that they revealed a slight bulge in his crotch. Naturally, my eyes fell to it. The outline of his cock garnered my complete attention. After a moment of admiring his thickness, I took in each muscular inch of his long torso.
Upon reaching his eyes, I stopped.
I swallowed heavily, blindly reached for the counter, and then parted my dry lips. “Come here.”
With meaningful steps, he sauntered toward me. In those six strides, his swagger seduced me. Denying his bravado was impossible.
When he walked, it was a firm reminder of the sexual beast that dwelled in his being.
“I want your cock,” I said, the words barely escaping my lips audibly.
Without responding, he reached for his belt. With my eyes fixed on his tattooed hand, I watched as he lowered his jeans past his hips. As his thick shaft sprung free, my throat went tight.
I dropped the water bottle.
His jeans and the bottle hit the floor at the same time.
With my eyes glued to his twitching cock, I fumbled to rid myself of my shorts and panties. Like a high school teen in her first sexual encounter, I struggled with the denim fabric for an inordinate amount of time.
“Here,” he said.
I watched intently as he pulled my shorts down my thighs, taking my panties with them in the process. With care, he lifted each of my feet, pulled the shorts free, and then cast them aside.
“Thanks,” I said, but the words were silent.
He didn’t bother standing.
Kneeling at my feet, he stared at my pussy for a few seconds, and then looked up.
I swallowed hard.
His mouth twisted into a smirk.
He buried his face between my legs, took my wet mound into his mouth, and then flicked his tongue against my clit. Again, and again, the tip of his tongue tickled my swollen nub.
A tingling ran through me and my legs went weak. I reached for the counter, found it, and then sucked in a breath. With my head tilted back and my eyes pinched closed, I stood on shaking legs and tried to focus on what he was doing to me.
When he touched me, the feelings he created were new. Convinced he was a master at the art of sex, and that I was his student, I eagerly allowed him to continue, excited to experience whatever it was he was introducing me to.
The licking stopped. My eyes opened, and I looked down.
He glanced up. “Your pussy tastes like honey.”
I couldn’t speak. I simply bit into my bottom lip and nodded.
And, once again, he buried his face between my legs.
I gulped a breath as he pushed a finger deep inside me. He added another, and I twisted my hips back and forth in response.
While his fingers fucked me slowly and predictably, he began to suck my clit.
Don’t stop.
Please, God.
Don’t. Let. Him. Stop.
With my clit pinched between his soft lips, he began to moan. A buzzing ran through me from his mouth to nipples. Pressure built within me. I arched my back, opened my mouth, and cried out, but it escaped me as a silent gasp.
My eyes shot open and then fell to the floor.
In my kitchen, I had the baddest of bad ass bikers on his knees – sucking my pussy like a boss. For that instant, my life was a dream.
I gripped his head firmly in my hands and commenced to fuck his mouth, hoping he wouldn’t object.
His moaning continued, growing more prominent with each thrust of my hips.
My knees buckled.
I struggled to remain standing, forcing my pussy hard against his mouth in the process. In return, his fingers pushed deeper.
My muscles tensed, and then relaxed. Every ounce of emotion that had slowly built within me exploded.
His fingers continued, in and out of my wetness. His tongue teased my clit. His free hand gripped my ass, pulling me into him firmly.
The orgasms continued, one after the other, until my legs collapsed.
He caught me before I hit the floor, and lifted me into his arms. while he carried me into the bedroom, I studied his face.
I wished, with each step that he took, that things could be different between us.
But, they couldn’t, and I knew it.
Knowing it saddened me.
As he laid me on the bed, I decided to live in that moment, and that moment only, realizing it would be our last night together. It had to be. I couldn’t continue without falling in love with him, that I was sure of.
He tossed his shirt aside while I recovered from my trip to sexual outer space, and then he rolled to the side and looked at me. He’d already seduced me with his walk, and now he was doing so with his eyes.
“I want to ride your cock,” I whispered.
His mouth curled into a guilty smile, and he gripped his cock in his fist. “Come get it.”
My pussy was dripping wet. I straddled him, and then watched as he guided the tip of his swollen cock between my legs. As it disappeared into my wetness, one thick inch at a time, my breath escaped me and my eyes went closed.
Once he was inside me fully, I opened my eyes and gazed into his.
He was perfect.
But he was unavailable and incapable of becoming attached.
This is it.
One last time.
I wrapped my hands firmly around his calves, arched my back, and then rode his stiff cock like I was trying out for the sexual Olympics.
When it was over, and he was long gone, I wanted him to realize just what he was missing. I hoped to convince him that I was different, and the only way I knew to do so was by fucking him like he’d never been fucked before.
I wanted him to want me no differently than I wanted him.
I released his legs, and dug my fingers into his thick chest. His eyes went wide as I sank my fingernails into his flesh, bucking my hips wildly the entire time, milking his thick cock with each complete stroke.
“Fuck, you feel good,” he moaned.
“You like my tight pussy?”
He squeezed my tits firmly in his hands. “Fuck yes.”
“I. Love. Your. Fucking. Cock.” I said, barking out one word with each thrust of my hips.
He gazed directly into my eyes, and then grinned. He thrust his hips against me as he spoke. “I. Can. Fucking. Tell.”
I allowed myself to become immersed in his eyes, which for some reason seemed to have turned from blue to grey. With his gaze fixed on mine, I writhed and bucked my hips, hoping to find that perfect position.
The one that would send me to the moon.
I rolled my shoulders, arched my back, and ground against the length of his thick shaft.
Oh fuck.
The tip of his dick rubbed against my g-spot. I closed my eyes and exhaled heavily. While I got lost in the feeling of his cock against the most sensual spot I possessed, his hands kneaded my boobs with perfection.
Firm enough that I knew who was in control, but not so harsh that it was uncomfortable, he squeezed my tits masterfully. Every few seconds, he’d pinch my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, and when he did, a tingling sensation ran from my boobs to the tip of his perfect cock.
I lifted my hands, arched my back further, and reached for his ankles.
Oh my fucking fuck.
Fuck yes.
Don’t. Fucking. Move.
My eyes rolled back so far it hurt. My lips parted slightly. “Don’t. Change. Anything. Don’t move.”
With my legs spread so wide I ached, I forced my ass against his thighs. The smooth skin of the head of his cock continued to torture me, grinding against my g-spot. I moved my hips ever so slightly, sending an electric shock through me with each movement.
I bit against my lip and closed my eyes.
I felt myself reaching climax.
Like a volcano preparing to erupt, the pressure built within me until it could build no more. And then, at that instant when the act of fucking goes from physical to spiritual, his cock swelled.
My pussy contracted, clenching it like a vise.
His breathing became labored.
“I’m going to…”
“So am I,” he breathed.
Together, magically, we reached the brink.
I felt as if I burst into a million sensual pieces, showering the room with emotion. I wanted to cry, scream, dig my nails into his flesh, and die, all at the same time.
Instead, I opened my mouth and said nothing.
Because I wasn’t able.
I was frozen in time. It only lasted a nanosecond, but I was frozen nevertheless.
Almost as if I was hovering over him, looking down upon his climactic finish, I watched as he erupted inside of me.
His jaw stretched wide, and he let out a growl with the intensity of a powerful beast. His eyes met mine, and he smiled a shallow and slightly guilty grin.
As countless micro-orgasms shot through me, I collapsed onto his chest, incapable of holding myself up for one more second. I remained motionless for some time, and then raised my head from his shoulder and looked him in the eyes.
I knew he enjoyed it just as much as I did, but he’d never admit it, and that saddened me. I wanted to hold him, hug him, and tell him how good it felt to fuck him, but I didn’t dare.
I wasn’t some sappy weirdo who was falling in love after fucking him twice. In fact, I was far from it. But I liked him. I liked looking at him. I liked fucking him. And, I loved how his cock made me feel. I wanted to get to know him, and in doing so, allow him to get to know me.
I wanted to do all the things he wanted me to, each one without instruction. I wanted to know his deepest of desires, and hoped I could satisfy each one of them.
The way it felt knowing all we would ever have was sex crushed those wants and desires into dust.
For whatever reason, admitting I was nothing but a hole for him to fill hurt me. And, I’d been hurt too many times in the past to allow it to happen again.
I rolled to the side, stood, and turned toward the bathroom. Facing away from him, I cleared my throat. “Do you…uhhm. Do you mind…would you just let yourself out?”

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