THE must read romance of 2017 “THICK”


THICK is LIVE! My newest release is about an outlaw biker. Unbeknownst to his motorcycle club, he writes and publishes romance novels. While locked in prison on a trumped up charge, he begins to fall for the female prison guard.

She reads his books at night, talks to him during the day, and secretly wonders what a life with him might be like.

Laws prohibit her from being in a relationship with a felon, and his club prohibits him from fraternizing with a cop.

THICK is a stand alone romance that will undoubtedly change the way you look at bikers, life, and, ultimately, love.

A must read romance novel if there ever was one.


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  1. I have read all of the books in this series and enjoyed everyone of them, the last one grabbed me by the heart, it seemed as though the author was writing about himself by the way he described the main character, who is a author who has written as many books as Scott, rides a motorcycle, etc. The relationship between then was perfect and couldn’t have been written any other way than it was. I’m sorry that this was the last and in my opinion the best, although all of his book are really awesome and I always am watching for a new one to read. Please keep writing as this reader would have Scott Hildreth withdrawal 😉😉 . Always a fan, PJ

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