Scorching Hot 5-star Sexy Ebooks For 14 cents each!

The ENTIRE Filthy Fucker MC Romance Series is on sale at 99 cents for ONE WEEK! Including the spin-off novel, His Rules, this award-winning seven-book series has over 3000 reviews and has a 4.8-star average.

Included in this series are the following books:

HARD: Newspaper reporter Peyton Price is given an assignment to write an article on an outlaw motorcycle club. Little did she know the club’s president, “Crip”, doesn’t talk to reporters–unless there’s a trade involved.

ROUGH: The club’s gentle giant and Sergeant-At-Arms, “Pee Bee”, has a collision on the highway with a woman who wasn’t paying attention. When she later resurfaces as his father’s caregiver/nurse, the sh*t hits the fan.

DIRTY: The club’s enforcer, “Cholo”, has a soft heart, and a hard body. When his neighbor’s daughter is kidnapped by a rival gang, he’s prepared to do what he must to save her. What he’s not prepared for is falling in love.

RIGID: The last thing the club’s fast-thinking “Smokey” wants is a relationship. He’s a single father raising a teenage girl. Out of respect for her, he has never taken a woman into his home. This all changes when his life takes an unexpected twist.

NUTS: The club practical joker, “P-Nut”, is an unpredictable riot. His next-door neighbor watches him through the window, infatuated by his motorcycle, muscles, and tattoos. When P-Nut catches the neighbor’s daughter physically abusing her, he steps in. When he finds out of the girl’s crush on him, stepping away isn’t easy.

THICK: The club’s closet romantic has secrets. He’s a romance author. When wrongfully accused of a crime and placed in prison, he develops a relationship with a female prison guard. When released from prison, he must decide if he wants to continue further relations with a “cop” as he writes his next novel.

HIS RULES: The anal-retentive detective who has been investigating the Filthy Fuckers MC throughout the series has rules when it comes to a relationship. The first thirty days, no sex. If the woman survives the test, a decision is made. Will she make the cut?

If you subscribe to #KU #KindleUnlimited this means you get SEVEN books for ONE purchase!

Acct now, this sale only lasts ONE WEEK.


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