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The “Un” Series of Erotic Romance novels by Scott Hildreth.

Undefeated, A tale of a boxer, Shane Dekkar, attempting to make it to the Heavyweight Championship of the Word.

Unstoppable, a tale of a bare knuckles fighter/boxer, Mike Ripton, who has never loved a woman – but he falls head over heels for an attorney.

Unleashed, a tale of Mike Ripton and his attorney girlfriend battling a murder charge.

This series is unlike any fighter romance/erotica you’ve ever read. If you like action, It has fighting, boxing, and even the typical drunken bar brawls.

If you like erotica, it has panty scorching sex scenes. You’ll be extremely uncomfortable when reading this – do not read in public.

If it’s a story you prefer, all three books have a plot that will keep you up all night turning the pages. And, as with all of my books, these books shave a hidden message that will melt your heart.

Try this series, you won’t regret it.


Boxer Erotica “Unleashed” Mike Ripton’s story, is LIVE on Amazon

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“Unleashed” opens to (35) five star reviews in three days. Mike Ripton’s story is complete, with a HEA, no cliffie, and a fabulous story of sex, brotherhood, and love. All done in the presence of 4 alpha males we love to see come to life – A-Train, Shane Dekkar, Mike “Ripp” Ripton, and newcomer Austin Malone.

“UNLEASHED” The new boxer erotic romance is LIVE

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Unleashed, the final chapter in the lives of Mike Ripton and Vee Simon is available on Amazon now.

Mike Ripton’s story continues and it is a memorable ride.

You wanted HEA? Done
You wanted ancillary characters that popped out of the pages? Done.
You wanted storyline that was full of “Awwwe” moments and loving caring scenes? Done.

This book?

Holy crap.

Yeah, it’s that good.

UNSTOPPABLE, by Scott Hildreth – Fighter Erotica with a Pierced Cock Hero!!!!

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Mike Ripton “Ripp” is witty, covered in muscle, tattooed, and has 4 piercings in his cock. He has never been in love, nor has he ever been in an actual relationship. He does relationships, ‘just not for that long’. He ides a motorcycle, drives the absolute shit out of his hot rod 1969 Chevelle, boxes professionally, and fights bare knuckles matches in the ‘hood’ for cash. Ripp is a take me or leave me type of alpha male that won’t change for anyone.

When he meets the ‘most beautiful woman in the word’ one day in the bar, a local prominent attorney, he decides she’ll be his next ‘victim’. Little does he realize that he just might be hers. She eagerly admits she’s attracted to one type of male, and one type only. Bad Boy. Alpha. Tattooed. And. Dominant.

As long as she’s in a relationship.

But Ripp doesn’t do relationships…..

Unstoppable is steamy. The type that fanning yourself wont fix. It’s got alpha males. Fighting. Tattoos. Muscles. And above all, it’s got Mike Ripton.