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FUCK BUDDY is ranked #39 out of ALL Books

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Fuck Buddy is ranked the #1 Erotic Romance, and ranked #39 out of all books on Amazon. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you.

Give Luke and Live a try. You find a bit of yourself in this book.

Just maybe.

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Fuck Buddy ranked #69 out of ALL books

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Amazon has made Fuck Buddy difficult to get your hands on. If you do a search for “Fuck Buddy” you’ll find nothing. If you search for “Scott Hildreth Fuck Buddy”, you’ll find nothing. They’ve placed my poor book in the cellar due to the name which I refuse to change.

But, despite the attempts to hide it, it is ranked #69 out of all books, and is the #1 book in Erotica as a whole. Also the #1 BDSM, Suspense, Humorous and Romantic Erotica, “Fuck Buddy” is blazing it’s way to the top.


It’s a great read. Sex, angst, love, sex, more angst, deeper love, and then a little more sex on top.

That’s why.

Get yours today, if you can find it, that is. Oh, and as always, it’s FREE on #KindleUnlimited

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FINDING PARKER, by Scott Hildreth defines love in so many ways

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My new novel, Finding Parker, defines what love is and should be to all of us, and does so in a manner that will leave you speechless.

Author Samantha Knight’s review from Amazon does a fabulous job of describing what it is the novel accomplishes with the potential readers.

Her review:

“Life is easy, all we have to do to live it, is breathe”

One of my favorite quotes throughout this brilliant novel. I am the type of person it takes a lot to evict any real emotion, or feelings if you will. Only two books have ever made me stop and re-evaluate my life and the choices I have made thus far. Broken People and this one, oddly enough both written by Scott Hildreth. I cried, I laughed, I wondered and most of all I felt.

“You should live everyday as if you’re going to die at midnight”

My new words to live by. Throughout this novel Parker searches for nothing more than what EVERYONE wants family, love and a since of belonging and he finds it. In the oddest way.

“Simply existing satisfies me as long as you are part of the existing”

That saying is something I am sure everyone longs to hear. That someone is happy simply because you exist in their world. While reading this novel I found how important ‘finding your other half’ really is. Not only to you, but to those closest to you as well. The love Parker finds is something I to wish to find someday.

“Life’s greatest treasures will never be held, purchased, or bartered for. They will only ever be felt.”

I knew this book was going to be nothing short of amazing. (I mean come on have you read a bad Hildreth book yet? No? Okay then) I had a preconceived feeling about how this book was going to go and it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. It was so much better. This book is truly a treasure and I felt Every. Single. Word. This book had it all, the good, the bad and the extremely heart breaking parts of life.

If there was ever a novel to start your life long Hildreth obsession, Finding Parker is that book.