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BOOK SALE $0.99 USA and UK “OTIS” my #1 Best Selling MC Romance on SALE

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ALMOST FREE #1 Best Selling MC Romance!!! Selected Sinners “OTIS” for 99 cents/99 pence USA and UK!! In appreciation of making EX-CON #1 in 7 Erotica Categories, as always, I have chosen to pay it forward (or whatever you want to call it) and place OTIS on sale for 99 cents 99 pence.





“OTIS”, my newest HOT BIKER BOOK, is LIVE and is ranked #1 in AMAZON HOT NEW RELEASES

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With 20 (5) star reviews in the first day, and sales out the roof, “OTIS” my newest Motorcycle Club Erotic Romance book, is LIVE on Amazon, and available for purchase.

See what all the hype is about, but be forewarned, Otis is not a book you will be comfortable reading in mixed company.
Otis and Samantha (Sam) are agoraphiliacs – they enjoy having sex in public. The higher the probability of someone watching them have sex, the more they enjoy it. If someone actually does watch them, they’re extremely happy. And their ssex in the book is off the charts steamy.

Give “OTIS” a try and pick up your copy of the hottest thing available.


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“OTIS” a biker erotic romance, Amazon’s #1 HOT NEW RELEASE. A true MUST READ for Motorcycle Club Romance lovers

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Selected Sinners Book III, OTIS, by Scott Hildreth is a stand alone book about the Vice President of the motorcycle club, the protector of the club, Otis.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be madly in love with someone only to have them decide they were not able to continue a life with you because you wanted children?

So, you move away. Far away. 1500 miles away. And you make an honest effort to try and live a new life and forget about your broken heart. You tell yourself as time passes you were simply young and foolish, but it doesn’t ease the pain.

Fast forward 15 years. You’re still in love (that’s what true love does. It sticks around for a lifetime…) and you’re still single.

Now, imagine this….

Your mother, 1500 miles away at home, dies. Yes, she lives in the city of the one person you love, and now you must return for the funeral.

And by happenstance, you see your former lover.

The man of your dreams.

And God gives you a second chance. A second chance at your first love.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my newest book, OTIS.

People may think this is a typical MC Romance with cheating, club whores, and a guy who can decide where to point his crotch.

Well, it’s not. It’s an actual love story worth reading for many reasons. It’s life as life unravels at a realistic pace, in a realistic manner, and during a realistic timeframe in our lives.

And it’s, well, super HOT. It just so happens, your former lover is an absolute sexual freak, and loves to have sex in public places. The more public the better.

And HOT doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Give “OTIS” a try today, and see why it’s Amazon’s #1 best selling erotica novel this week.