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“Confessions of a Smut Author” , my newest erotic novella….behind the scenes of writing it…

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Okay, so during the writing of Confessions of a Smut Author, I developed the main male character, who really had two sides of him. He didn’t necessarily have two personalities, like a split, but he was one person in public, and another in private. He was comfortable out of the scrutiny and sight of the public, but at home he became more comfortable.

With that comfort, he developed the personality of a more dominant male at home. His only problem, if there was one, was that his wife had passed away, leaving him no one to participate in his sexual ‘experiments’.

Insert the religious Cheryl, who was still under the thumb of her strict parents. She lived vicariously through the books she read, primarily erotica. She had been in a five year relationship with an abuser, and somehow found value (sexually speaking) through his abuse of her.

these two characters aren’t a far stretch from the norm. It isn’t that we all do what they did, nor do we yearn for it, but for people to develop these characteristics isn’t a stretch.

So, with these two in my mind, I placed Mrs. Jessie Jayne aside and began writing. Three days later, I had “Confessions of a Smut Author”.

I found, and I still find these two intriguing. The author (Shawn Fairfield) writes stories within the story I am telling. I suspect it’ll be a four book series, all books written with a beginning and an ending, allowing them to be read as stand-alones, but together telling one story. Where his mind goes and what little I’ve seen him progress, I find him to be rather fascinating.

So, what type of music did I listen to when I wrote an oddly erotic book about someone who finds value in the types of sex most look at as taboo or torturous?

A Heart Acane – Horse Feathers
I Need My Girl – The National
3 Rounds and a Sound – Blind Pilot
If You Gotta Go, Go Now – J. Tillman
You Can Make Me Feel Bad – Phosphorescent
Bruised Orange – Bon Iver
Arrival in Nara – Alt-J
Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Orange
Seeds of Night – The Cave SIngers
What Makes a Man – City and Colour

There were more, but for the last month, through Jessie Jayne killing people, and Shawn Fairfield tying up Cheryl and….well….abusing her sexually, this what I began my day with. In that exact order. I’m a creature of habit, so every day I listened to the same music on rotation, and often (to Jess’ complaining) as I slept.

Hope your able to take the time to read “Confessions of a Smut Author” it’s enlightening and a very interesting read.

Have a great day!