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“Making the Cut” my new MC Erotic Romance, is LIVE on Amazon – a biker book must read

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*WARNING* Depicts an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, criminal activity, graphic sex, and violence

Avery, a Criminal Justice major in college, yearns for a bad-boy. An alpha male. An unattainable guilty pleasure. The unicorn of men.

When the Selected Sinners Motorcycle Club rides into Avery’s bar one night, her heart stops, and her mind goes to work. She’s immediately attracted to the baddest man in the group, Axton. She wants him at any cost.

Axton isn’t only a bad boy, he’s the President of The Selected Sinners Motorcycle Club, a 1%er Outlaw Motorcycle Club. At the onset of a gun deal with a notorious Mexican prison gang, there is no place in Axton’s life or mind for a college girl with a smart mouth.

Avery quickly becomes willing to sacrifice whatever she must for a shot at Axton.

Axton is willing to sacrifice nothing, and has no interest in her advances. His mind and devotion are on his club brothers and finishing the gun deal with the MS-13, which will allow one of his brothers in prison to make it out alive.

But Axton finds in doing the deal, he needs Avery and her Criminal Justice education to complete it.

If Avery makes it out alive, it will be a small miracle.

If Axton makes it out without falling for her, it would be an even bigger miracle.

This book is a stand-alone love story. It does have tremendous violence, explicit language, sexual situations, and the intricacies of being in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club depicted. All sexual partners in this book are over the age of 18.

Stand alone love story. HEA. No cliff hanger.


After being banned 9 times by Amazon, and retitled 5 times, “The Tortured” is LIVE Again

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This time under a fictitious penname, “The Tortured” is live again. Formerly published as “Dying to Survive”, “Plenty of Fish” “No Butterflies or Moonbeams” and “To the Depths of Hell”, and now published as “The Tortured” under a pen name, the book is live again on Amazon and available for purchase.

Sorry for the inconvenience. To comply with Amazon’s policy regarding incest and rape, I have modified the chapter entitled “Uncle Josh” to include no age of the victim, only reference to the fact she was “Young”

Sorry for the inconvenience.

“CONFESSIONS OF A SMUT AUTHOR” my newest erotica, is LIVE on Amazon

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“CONFESSIONS OF A SMUT AUTHOR” my newest erotica, is LIVE on Amazon.

“CONFESSIONS OF A SMUT AUTHOR” my newest erotica, is LIVE on Amazon

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Confessions of a Smut Author is LIVE on Amazon.

A male erotica author loses his wife in an accident, and becomes a recluse. After a year of hiding, he emerges to see a friend. While visiting, he meets a young woman who finds interest in him and his writings.

He explains how he uses his respective female counterpart as a muse and as inspiration for his erotica novels. In his opinion, it allows him to write a more accurate story.

She agrees to act as his inspiration, allowing him to complete the novel he was working on when his wife passed away.

But she isn’t aware of the fact it was a dark erotica/

Very dark.

Dying to Survive, (Dark Erotica) by Scott Hildreth banned by Amazon

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“Dying to Survive”, by Scott Hildreth was banned this weekend by Amazon for content. The book, in its unedited state, is now live again for your purchase.

The story as well as a copy of the email that was sent by Amazon to the author can be seen on the author’s facebook page.

Dying to Survive is a psychological mind f*ck as seen through the eyes of seven characters. We follow Ryan Capshaw, the mischievous wealthy prick who abducts 4 women. The women are later instructed that one of them must forfeit their life to save the other three, or they will all die. The have less than 24 hours to decide.

What follows is an erotic tale of abduction, crime, murder, rape, and falling in love with your captor. You may, through the course of reading this novel, seem to have a handle on the story line.

Well, you don’t.

You have no idea what’s going to happen next. You will remain guessing until the last page of the past chapter. There is no cliffie, just raw sex, murder, mayhem, rape, abduction, and some awfully gut wrenching scenes of….well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

See what this soon to be #1 seller (currently, #2 after 24 hours) erotic novel is all about.