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FREE BOOKS FOR 5 DAYS!! In a gesture of appreciation of my new MC Erotic Romance, “OTIS” becoming a #1 Best Seller in (5) categories, I am offering FREE BOOKS TO MY READERS!!!

“Karter” – A Harley riding foul mouthed abstract artist meets a Navy SEAL war hero.


“Threefold” – A homeless girl falls in love with two roommates. A 3-way HEA in this MFM love story.




My newest release, the Motorcycle Club Romance, “OTIS” is LIVE on AMAZON.

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Otis, a 6’-6” mountain of tattooed muscle, has been the protector of the Selected Sinners MC since the club’s inception. Now promoted from the Sergeant-At-Arms to a position of Vice President, he still naturally possesses a desire to protect his brothers at any cost.

Although he desperately desires a woman in his life, it isn’t that easy for Otis. He has sexual kinks not every woman can satisfy, and he knows it. Right now he has no time or desire to interact with people outside the club. As a 1%er, he trusts no one – man or woman. With a potential club prospect being released from prison and an undercover ATF agent amongst the ranks of his beloved MC, he feels the club is in danger.

When Sam – his former high school sweetheart who he hasn’t seen for over a decade – comes back to town for the funeral of her mother, he realizes he can’t be in her presence and be expected to keep cock stuffed in his pants – and right now’s not the time…

Not knowing if Otis was single or married, Sam’s intention was to slip into town, slip out, and no one be the wiser – she felt it would just be easier that way.

When she encounters Otis by happenstance, she can’t believe her eyes.

And neither can he, Sam is more beautiful than ever.

Immediately all bets are off.

But if Sam’s going to a part of Otis’ life, she’s going to have to accept the fact he’s a Sinner.

And he’s going to have to accept the fact that although his life has changed drastically, Sam’s hasn’t.

She’s still in love with him and always has been. And, she’s still turned on by having sex in public places…

For a man with a sexual desire like Otis’ it’s hard to say no to a woman who shares a kink – even if the MC’s in turmoil.

AUTHORS NOTE: OTIS is a stand-alone MC Erotic Romance with no cheating and a HEA. Be forewarned, the main characters in this book are both agoraphiliacs. They enjoy sex in public places, especially if they think someone’s watching. The sex depicted in this book is descriptive, much different than a typical MC Romance, and HOT. OTIS is Book III in a series of stand-alone MC Romance novels.

“Karter” my new love story about a Navy SEAL and a gorgeous artist is a true must read story.

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The type of love we all dream about but rarely get to read about. The male character isn’t an asshole. The female isn’t a whining simpleton. They both have a few issues, as do we all. They quickly develop a love like no other. “Karter”, the female lead, is my favorite female lead ever. She is brash, tattooed, foul mouthed, and rides a Harley. Jak is a former Navy SEAL, and unlike most male leads, is humble and quite enjoyable.

This book has a plot which will keep you guessing, and a story line unlike most you’ve ever read.

“Karter” available today in ebook or paperback.

“KARTER”, my newly released erotic novel is LIVE on Amazon

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Jak is a former Navy SEAL attempting to secretly return to civilian life after a career in the military. For some reason he’s afraid to return to his hometown. He decides to hide in the comfort of Wichita, 30 miles away.

Karter is a gorgeous woman attempting to hide from everyone. She is covered in tattoos, rides a Harley, has a foul mouth, and works as an artist painting abstract art at home. She hates people, and rightfully so. Someone has turned her in to the state for being mentally insane, and although she’s not an addict, she must complete a 28 day drug treatment.

When they meet, it’s magic. The once in a lifetime explosion of emotion, infatuation, and passion we all dream of. Immediately, they both feel love.

Jak is older.

Karter is younger.

For fear of the other person not being able to accept the truth, they each choose to not disclose their age.

But sooner or later, all secrets come to the surface.

All secrets. 
And when they do, everything changes.


“Finding Parker – A Love Story” Facebook Michael Kors Purse Giveaway

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My Facebook Page is having a Michael Kors giveaway. If you meet the requirements for entry, you may enter.

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“THE ALPHA-BET” – ON SALE $0.99 – 5 Star Adult Humor that is laugh out loud funny from beginning to end.

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“THE ALPHA-BET” – ON SALE $0.99 – 5 Star Adult Humor that is laugh out loud funny from beginning to end..

MUST READ: “BABY GIRL” 5 STARS Erotica that is real-to-life

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MUST READ: “BABY GIRL” 5 STARS Erotica that is real-to-life.