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“HIS RULES”, my newest stand-alone, is HOT, HOT, HOT!!

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My endeavors to find the right man had afforded me countless hookups, infidelity, and a handful of one-night-stands.

Then, Marc Watson stepped into my life. He was handsome, and not the kind that could be satisfied by simply taking a second look. Hell, men like him graced the covers of magazines and were the subject of every woman’s dreams. He was also intellectual and kind. The. Complete. Package.

But. He had this ridiculous rule.

To get a shot at him, I had to agree to be in a no sex relationship for thirty days. Making it thirty minutes without having sex with him would be a stretch. Thirty days would be impossible.

It was the opposite of everything I had done in the past, but he assured me if I could comply, the reward would be mind-blowing.

I’d never been one to back down from a challenge, so I took the deal.

Little did I know that doing so would change my life forever.

“HIS RULES” is a stand-alone romance with no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, and comes with a HEA and no cliff hanger.

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“Karter” my new love story about a Navy SEAL and a gorgeous artist is a true must read story.

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The type of love we all dream about but rarely get to read about. The male character isn’t an asshole. The female isn’t a whining simpleton. They both have a few issues, as do we all. They quickly develop a love like no other. “Karter”, the female lead, is my favorite female lead ever. She is brash, tattooed, foul mouthed, and rides a Harley. Jak is a former Navy SEAL, and unlike most male leads, is humble and quite enjoyable.

This book has a plot which will keep you guessing, and a story line unlike most you’ve ever read.

“Karter” available today in ebook or paperback.

“Karter” an erotic novel about a Navy SEAL and a Harley riding man hater is LIVE

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Jak is a former Navy SEAL attempting to secretly return to civilian life after a career in the military. For some reason he’s afraid to return to his hometown. He decides to hide in the comfort of Wichita, 30 miles away.

Karter is a gorgeous woman attempting to hide from everyone. She is covered in tattoos, rides a Harley, has a foul mouth, and works as an artist painting abstract art at home. She hates people, and rightfully so. Someone has turned her in to the state for being mentally insane, and although she’s not an addict, she must complete a 28 day drug treatment.

When they meet, it’s magic. The once in a lifetime explosion of emotion, infatuation, and passion we all dream of. Immediately, they both feel love.

Jak is older.

Karter is younger.

For fear of the other person not being able to accept the truth, they each choose to not disclose their age.

But sooner or later, all secrets come to the surface.

All secrets.

And when they do, everything changes.


FINDING PARKER, by Scott Hildreth defines love in so many ways

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My new novel, Finding Parker, defines what love is and should be to all of us, and does so in a manner that will leave you speechless.

Author Samantha Knight’s review from Amazon does a fabulous job of describing what it is the novel accomplishes with the potential readers.

Her review:

“Life is easy, all we have to do to live it, is breathe”

One of my favorite quotes throughout this brilliant novel. I am the type of person it takes a lot to evict any real emotion, or feelings if you will. Only two books have ever made me stop and re-evaluate my life and the choices I have made thus far. Broken People and this one, oddly enough both written by Scott Hildreth. I cried, I laughed, I wondered and most of all I felt.

“You should live everyday as if you’re going to die at midnight”

My new words to live by. Throughout this novel Parker searches for nothing more than what EVERYONE wants family, love and a since of belonging and he finds it. In the oddest way.

“Simply existing satisfies me as long as you are part of the existing”

That saying is something I am sure everyone longs to hear. That someone is happy simply because you exist in their world. While reading this novel I found how important ‘finding your other half’ really is. Not only to you, but to those closest to you as well. The love Parker finds is something I to wish to find someday.

“Life’s greatest treasures will never be held, purchased, or bartered for. They will only ever be felt.”

I knew this book was going to be nothing short of amazing. (I mean come on have you read a bad Hildreth book yet? No? Okay then) I had a preconceived feeling about how this book was going to go and it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. It was so much better. This book is truly a treasure and I felt Every. Single. Word. This book had it all, the good, the bad and the extremely heart breaking parts of life.

If there was ever a novel to start your life long Hildreth obsession, Finding Parker is that book.

MUST READ EROTICA: BABY GIRL, by Scott Hildreth Dominance and submission as real as it gets

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MUST READ EROTICA: BABY GIRL, by Scott Hildreth Dominance and submission as real as it gets.

Book Review: Broken People, by Scott Hildreth is reviewed by author Jay Squires- “Simply the best mainstream fiction novel I’ve read this year..”

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Jay Squires reviewed Broken People on Amazon last night. His review was outstanding…and a testament to the level of novel that this book is. Again, simply stated, if you’re reading a book, and it isn’t Broken People, you’re making a mistake.


“Broken People” is simply the best mainstream novel I’ve read this year.  It is mainstream fiction at its finest.  The story-lines unfold from the viewpoints of multiple characters, each one being explored to the full extent of his or her depth of emotion, intelligence and brokenness while weaving the unique thread of that character into the warp and woof of the finished fabric.

Don’t expect the fabric to be beautiful, or even pleasing.

It is neither.

These are broken people.  And the threads of their lives are split and frayed, one moment dazzlingly brilliant, the next moment faded; threads combine: the weakest point of one with the borrowed strength of the other then wound together and pulled through.

FAT KID’s brokenness may repulse you.  Good!  That’s what he wants … while he exercises his own peculiar brand of genius.

MICHELLE, of Egyptian heritage, is broken by the collision of her independence against the crush of her family’s cultural inflexibility.

DAVID is broken by the conflict between his sexual identity problems and his retired marine father’s homophobia.

MARC & BRITNEY are two broken people made whole by their love–yet torn apart again by family and society.

Broken people, all, each touching the other. The threads of their lives are delicately and lovingly pulled through the loom by Scott Hildreth’s creative genius to produce the fabric of this marvelous novel.

A spot at the top of Amazon’s Bestseller list is reserved for “Broken People”!


Jay, thank you again. It pleases me to have someone of your level of experience pleased in my writing…

Broken People, by Scott Hildreth $0.99 for 500 copies only

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In one month, Broken People has received (33) five star reviews. (7) on Goodreads, and (26) on Amazon.

Broken People is, by far, one of the most uplifting, feel good, must read books of this year, if not of this decade.

This book was written for teens, new adults, and adults. I purposely wrote it to be able to be read, enjoyed, and applied to all that red it, regardless of age. Tremendous thought and work went into developing a novel that could be read, enjoyed, and absorbed by all that read it.

The reviews speak for themselves. In three weeks, quotes began to show up on Google from the book. Reviews from around the world (5 star). Praise from churches, organizations, veterans, teens,…

While you’re able, get a copy this afternoon for $0.99, I will raise the price to $5.99 as soon as 500 are downloaded. This may take a day. It may take two days.

If the free weekend is an indication, it may take a few hours.

I have already adjusted the price on Amazon to 99 cents, as soon as Amazon updates, be ready and get your copy while you can….

New Adult fiction like no other. If there was a book that you knew, literally knew…going into reading it, that it would make you cry, make you think, and make you reflect on yourself as a whole, would you read it? If this book had the power of any other book that you have ever read. Any. If the book was grand enough to make you sit back and say, “Wow. I think I need to read that again…” and you immediately started over, would you read it?

Broken People, by Scott Hildreth is that book. You will, without a doubt see yourself in this book, you will. It is an amazing piece, and has an amazing story to tell.

Read this book. You will not be anything but amazed.