50 Shades of Grey? What?? “Baby Girl” redefines the genre Erotica

Take a look at this book review on the just released Adult Erotica, Baby Girl, by Scott Hildreth.


This book is real. It’s not a billionaire flying around the world. This is real-life dominance, and real life submission. It isn’t pretty, its accurate. It isn’t love making, it’s, well…..it’s something else.

If you want to be entertained, aroused, and have a REAL understanding of D/s relationships, read this “must read” erotica.



    1. Sorry for the slow response, I have been somewhat out-of-pocket writing. I just released “The Alpha-bet” a comic erotica. Baby Girl II and Baby Girl III will be the next two books in the Erik Ead series.

      The actual titles will be “Owned” for the second and “Loved” for the third. The second is being released the first of next month.

      Have you read the first yet?

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